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Another 6 months on good behaviour


Been to the Christie at silly 0 clock (8.20 😬) this morning for my 6 monthly check up. All appears to be where it should be, all my bloods weren’t back but I’m to ring on Monday if I want to know what my CA125 level is. I met a lovely new doctor who’s doing a rotation at Christies, he hails from Chicago, I thought I had had a lengthy journey for the appointment from near Lancaster 😂. He was lovely and said how much he likes our country and wished me a happy Christmas as I was leaving as he doesn’t anticipate seeing me again before February.

Keep as well as you possibly can be lovely people, hugs and love to you all ❤️Xx Jane

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That's fabulous news. A bottle of the fizzy stuff tonight I suggest!

Already chilling (actually it’s pink gin and tonic water chilling but same end result 😋) thank you ❤️Xx Jane

I'll raise one to you tonight too. My husband bought me some rhubarb and ginger gin. A really good excuse to open it. Cheers!!!!!

That’s particularly yummy and one of your 5 a day to boot cheers 🍸 🤔😂

Do you know, that hadn't even crossed my mind. I might need more than the one in that case. I'll pop out in a minute for extra fever tree!!!!!,

Brilliant news Jane xx long may it continue xx

Cropcrop in reply to BeeWild

Thank you, hope you’re ok? ❤️Xx Jane

Ah that's wonderful Jane. Cheers m'dear! I was at Christie today too. Xx

Cropcrop in reply to LittleSan

What time was your appointment? Hope it all went well for you. Cheers chuck 🍸❤️Xx jane

LittleSan in reply to Cropcrop

Bloods at 11.30. It was eerily quiet! All well, bloods good to go for 1st of 3rd line chemo Doc Rob says they're quietly confident it will do the job! Xx

Cropcrop in reply to LittleSan

Excellent, 🤞🏻 This line does the trick, they don’t tend to say they’re confident unless they really are?. I was in and out of clinic by 9.10 it really was very very quiet for a Thursday. Hope the treatment goes well and you have very few side effects lovely ❤️Xx Jane

That’s great news! 🍾🍾

Thank you, it’s a relief even though I had no reason to suspect there could be a problem. Hope you’re ok ❤️Xx Jane

Fantastic news Jane so happy for you,best wishes Clare xxx😘🍸😘

Cropcrop in reply to CJR99

Thank you Clare ❤️Xx Jane

That is wonderful news, so happy for you! 😊💕

xx Gina

Thank you Gina ❤️Xx Jane

Great stuff! Keep it up please xx

Cropcrop in reply to Lyndy

Will do my very best, thanks Lyndy ❤️Xx Jane

Fantastic News!!!!!!!!Love to hear every ones success stories - lifts my spirits and gives me hope! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend ♥♥

Cropcrop in reply to lyn1987

Thanks Lyn, we should share the good news as well as the not so good. You too have a lovely weekend ❤️Xx Jane

Great news - hope the bloods are good too!

Definite fact that fruit flavoured gin counts as one of your five a day 🍹! I’m off alcohol at the moment - Carbo/caelyx is my cocktail, so feel free to have one for me too!

Best wishes, Ali x

Cropcrop in reply to Alifit

Will toast to you tonight, good luck with your treatment lovely ❤️Xx Jane

Fantastic news, so happy for you! Big hugs 🎈🎈🎈🎉🎉🎉 xxx

Cropcrop in reply to Roobarb1

Thank you lovely ❤️Xx Jane

That is fantastic news so you had a doctor from the Windy City, I bet he was gorgeous as well as nice mannered. Hope you celebrated

Cropcrop in reply to suzuki

He was so friendly and funny not my idea of gorgeous but a lovely person which is more important. I had a small one 🍸 as it was a school night but will try again tonight. Keep well lovely ❤️Xx a Jane

Great news Pam x

Thank you Pam, I hope you’re ok? ❤️Xx Jane

Good news. Keep it up!

Best wishes Fay

Cropcrop in reply to Petrolhead

I will do my very bestest, hope you’re ok? ❤️Xx Jane

Fab news Jane 🍾 enjoy that Gin and tonic 🍸 love mine with a twist of grapefruit peel (no pith!) jennyx

Cropcrop in reply to Puddle

Ooh that sounds nice, off to the shops for me, hope you’re ok? 😊❤️Xx jane

Great news, Jane. I was at Christie's today for my scan at 1. I've had the American doctor, Mark, as well. He is great - very encouraging!

Cropcrop in reply to harpist_UK

He’s so nice, he seems to exude positive vibes, I hope your scan results are positive too, let us know lovely ❤️Xx Jane

harpist_UK in reply to Cropcrop

Will do! Now trying to concentrate on enjoying non-hospital time!

SO pleased to hear your news!! 🎉🥂🌸

Cropcrop in reply to Seasun36-uk

Thank you, it’s always a scary time isn’t it? Hope you’re doing ok? ❤️Xx Jane

Seasun36-uk in reply to Cropcrop

It is scary Jane! I’ve just completed my 18th Avastin! Scan in 4 weekS.

Linda xx 🌼🌻🌼

That’s great news 🥂 am so happy for you. It’s such a steam train of a journey that not having to stop at the station for a while is such a relief

Much love

LA xx

Cropcrop in reply to Lily-Anne

Thanks Lily-Anne, you’re right it is a relief. I hope you’ve been able to get some positive help with your breathing and are more comfortable. Take lots of care lovely ❤️Xx Jane

Three things I loved about your post and made me smile. 1. I grew up in the Chicago area. 2. My last name is Lancaster. 3. You are doing so well! I am so very glad for you and hearing you feel well and of course, your blood tests will reflect that! Hugs!

Cropcrop in reply to grammeejill

Wow! Some coincidences there 😊. I hope our country and it’s people are being good to you, I love the USA, not been to Chicago yet but it is on the bucket list and if the doctor I met yesterday is any indication of the people there I can’t wait to meet some more. I am very lucky that I am so well, I will ring on Monday for the results just to make sure. I hope you’re doing ok? Love and big hugs straight back at you ❤️Xx Jane

So delighted for you Jane, hope you had a lovely evening celebrating the happy news 😊🍹xx

Cropcrop in reply to SCWI

Thank you, I had a small tipple as it was a school night 😊, will try a slightly larger one tonight just to make sure, hope you’re ok? ❤️Xx Jane

SCWI in reply to Cropcrop

Yes thanks, chemo delayed again till next week, white cells and neutrophils boosted but platelets playing up now, no bell ringing for last Carbo Caelyx today for me!😏xx

Cropcrop in reply to SCWI

Fingers crossed for the next visit, that 🛎 is waiting for you ❤️Xx Jane

Great news, enjoy enjoy enjoy. Love Bridie

Cropcrop in reply to Btte

Thank you Bridie, I will try my very best, I hope you’re doing OK? ❤️Xx Jane

Great news Jane. Enjoy. I think it's the same Chicargo dr. I've seen a couple of times at the Christie. Lovely guy.

Cropcrop in reply to thomas62

Thank you, isn’t he a delight? It’s my first time meeting him, he’s so full of energy and positivity, I hope he’s still there in February. I hope you’re doing ok? ❤️Xx Jane

Hi Jane do you see the same onc as me usually ?

Cropcrop in reply to Zena41

I usually tend to see either Dr Clamp (he was the lead on the trial I took part in) or the Prof although last time I saw a young doctor I’d not seen before. It’s good there are more new doctors helping us with this rubbish disease. Hope you’re doing ok? ❤️Xx Jane

Zena41 in reply to Cropcrop

Did u see the American dr ? I really hope dr c is bak wen I go in ten weeks. Last time I got too many answers off different drs. Xx

Cropcrop in reply to Zena41

Yes, he was really nice, Dr C is very thorough isn’t he? If you’re not happy with the answers you get ask for clarification ❤️Xx Jane

Fantastic news, Jane. Delighted for you. Hope the fine went down smoothly. Love Jo 🌺🌼🌸🌻🌹

Thank you Jo, I had a little drinkiepoo last night but might have a slightly larger one tonight, I really don’t drink much but there are some occasions that just need celebrating 🍸. I hope you’re doing ok lovely ❤️Xx Jane

Great news Jane!!! You are on the right track. Go have fun and forget our uninvited guest for awhile. XX Carol

Cropcrop in reply to caf132

Hopefully mine’s had a permanent eviction but we never truly know. Keep well ❤️Xx Jane

Very good news. Really pleased for you. xx

Cropcrop in reply to ZenaJ

Thanks Zena, onwards and upwards, keep up the good work yourself ❤️Xx Jane

Wonderful and uplifting news made us all happy for you and you managed to inject a good dose of hope in each and everyone of us! Keep it up. Xxx

Thank you, we must all try our best to have some hope without that what’s left? Keep as well as you possibly can fellow clear cell lady ❤️Xx Jane

I'm doing my best Jane...and so far it seema to be working! Xxx tks for msging bk.

Great news!! You must feel great. Long may it last. 😊 Love, Solange

Cropcrop in reply to Solange

Thank you Solange, It’s always a relief when appointments go well, thank you. Hope you’re doing ok? ❤️Xx Jane

Solange in reply to Cropcrop

Hi again Jane. Thanks for asking. Hoping things may have improved for me as Scan beginning of August, after three Chemo sessions, showed some tumours not grown, some have and have another new one to join the three new shown in Scan at the end of April. Onco suggested stopping Chemo as my body struggling but I said definitely not ready to stop. After a chat, agreed I could have next three as just a chance the Chemo had held the stable ones stable. Had no.four the next day. Went for no. five last Wednesday but told need a blood transfusion first. Had it yesterday and hope for no. five this coming week.keeping fingers crossed 🤞. Love, Solange 😊

Cropcrop in reply to Solange

I don’t think I would have stopped either, I hope this line does the trick for you, love and big hugs ❤️Xx Jane

Congratulations Jane it is so uplifting to hear some positive outcomes, I am hoping for the same good news when I finish my treatment.

Ellsey xx🍸🍾🍹🍸

Thank you Ellsey, I too hope you get good news at the end of treatment. Keep well lovely ❤️Xx a Jane


Excellent news - keep up the good work!

I’m doing my very best, hope you’re OK. ❤️Xx Jane

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