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Another good scan result

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Well Ive now been back in remission for another 17 months. Just had scan results from 2 weeks ago and touch wood, crossed everything, prayed etc Im still in remission, no evidence of disease again (third time) after 7 years 2 months of fighting. So here's to a good Christmas, not the presents cos I have everything I need, Two beautiful children, two gorgeous grandchildren, (just been told a third on the way) a wonderful husband, a loving brother and other friends and family. I have my beloved parents looking down from above, wonderful memories - what more could a person ask for? So to all those out there fighting Cancer I wish you all a pain free, happy healthy Christmas, surrounded by your loved ones and a very healthy and happy 2015 (and beyond). xxx

15 Replies

Wow,well done to to you and your wonderful body!!! Couldn't have a better Xmas present.

Stories like yours are inspirational to all those of us fighting this disease, so much thanks for sharing with us.

Would be very interesting to tell the doctor who 7 years ago practically wrote you off!!!!

Am continually convinced that our positive approach plays a major part in this fight, and so can do this without negativity from the professionals.

Mega Happy Christmas to you and your family, with a Big Toast to you on Christmas Day.

Much love JO xx

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That's great news congratulations to you and your family and merry Christmas to us all.


What fantastic news to have just before Christmas. I think you are saintly not to bear a grudge for the way that surgeon spoke to you 7 years ago, and the mis-information you had from the Mac Nurse. You're an inspiration to us all.

Enjoy Christmas with your lovely husband and family. There can be no greater joy than to love and be loved.

xx Annie


Fantastic news, have a lovely Christmas and thanks for sharing your inspirational post. xx


Im so happy for you, we need more posts like this one to keep us all "Fighting". Have a Fantastic Christmas,

and an even better New year. Luv Trish xx


Great news. You have a wonderful Christmas too.


What a lovely post. So pleased for you and hope that you have a wonderful Christmas with your lovely family.

Love Mary xx


Well done. So happy for you and your family. Have a wonderful Christmas. Xx


What a WONDERFUL post! :-D You sum up Christmas perfectly, (and life too) it's all about the people around us. Although we have all been through a lot on here we are all lucky enough to understand that. :-D ;-) Here's to a fantastic year to come and hoping you have many more year's of remission. Love MB X


Your post is an inspiration and gives hope and encouragement to someone like myself being newly diagnosed and still coming to terms with it. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and healthy new year. Love Kim x


Wishing you the best Christmas ever, and as you said you have everything you want. Great to hear good news and good news keeps our spirits up well done


What a wonderful post! Have a great Christmas and Peaceful New Year!


Annette xxx


I am so pleased for you. I have been in remission for fifteen months but I am still having Avastin every 21 days. Like you I am counting my blessings.

May you have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed and healthy new year. X

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Brilliant news well done darling and Merry Christmas xxx


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