Another ticked off the list!!!

Another ticked off the list!!!

Number 5 ticked off the list!!!

Had a very nice day on the Chemo ward yesterday.....Maybe I won't call it the Poison Palace any more๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Had a lovely chat with some of the ladies there and one in particular really hit home! She was a beautiful looking lady and her son was with her and very like her! She's waiting the arrival of a Grandchild and is fearful she won't be here! !! She was recently diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and had suffered from MS since the late 80s in fairness some people get a very heavy burden to carry! !!

I also met the lovely EilyEire don't think we would ever have clicked who each other was if it wasn't for here!

I feel good today I think the Emend is working a treat for me and am grateful I told my nurse about my digestive problems!!!

Hope all you lovely ladies have a lovely day and feel ok or good would be even better!!!

Onwards and Upwards!!!


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  • Hi D, Well done you for getting No 5 under your belt. You will now have 3 demob-happy weeks waiting for the end of treatment.

    It's good to have a nice day in a chemo ward. When they design them they should tell the architect to design a beautiful space, and oh one that is safe to administer chemotherapy. I think too often hospital architects are told to design wards and then they try to make them nice afterwards.

    It's lovely to meet up with online contacts from this community. I seem to have met a lot of women over the years and we always have so much in common once we met and start chatting.

    All the best for your final hurdle in 3 weeks' time. xxx Annie

  • Onwards and upwards we must indeed go. Congratulations on five out of the way. That must be a relief. xx

  • You are nearly there D!

    Some days are better than others on the chemo ward, the important thing is you are getting there and spring is coming,what a lovely time of year to be feeling better


  • Great news you are almost there, yes I found Emend the only thing that did help me wth nausea. Didnt get it with Gemzar though. I used Maxolon which would knock me into a comatose state but it did work

  • Hi D,isn't it great to chat in the chemo unit.Like you I was looking at the unit as a place where stuff gets pumped into you and you feel rotten afterwards.Then as you said you start chatting to the other ladies and it becomes a social outing having a laugh in a somber surrounding is good for all.,and I think it confuses the cancer,because laughing and cancer dosent go together normally! I've started the laughter yoga at home and I would be mortified if someone walked in on me but I find it good.So glad your feeling good now.xx

  • Yes Annie I really enjoyed the chat and I think the others did too! You are so right about laughter and I find that the more the better! I do have to say that one of the positives of getting the diagnoses I did is that I see the joy in the smallest of things these days and it's great!!!!

    Onwards and Upwards!!


  • Hi D,

    Glad Wednesday went well for you and you got chatting to some other ladies. You and I were running in parallel up until now, but my 5th cycle has been delayed to 16th March due to me only coming out of hospital on Tuesday after being treated for almost a fortnight for an infection of unknown source which kept making my temperature spike. They never did discover where the infection was but once my temp was below 38.0 for 48 hours, decided I would be safer in my home environment so at least I wouldn't pick up any hospital bugs!

    Do take good care of yourself especially over the next few days when you are probably at your most vulnerable.

    All the best,


  • Thanks Barbara!

    Sorry to hear you were delayed but hopefully you are back on track now! I am not too bad neulasta has given me some bone ache today but it's not too bad! My bad days are usually day 6 and 7 which is Monday and Tuesday so preparing for them!!

    It's great we are both nearing the end of Chemo!

    Onwards and Upwards and good luck on the 16th!


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