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Going in for second line gem/ carbo


Hi ladies

Its been a whirlwind week seeing doctors getting mom treated for dvt and pulmonary embolism surgeons refusing to operate she only had emergency colostomy done with no definitive surgery in clear cell carcinoma ovary first line chemo appears to have not work what to expect from gem/ carbo dont know surgeons want the tumor to shrink

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Hi Indu, not sure exactly what stage your Mum is at with her treatment.

Most courses of action for OC seem to involve chemotherapy to shrink the tumour, then surgery, if appropriate.

Do write your questions down and discuss them with your Mum’s medical team when you go with her. Remember you can always contact a Clinical Nurse Specialist if you haven’t got an appointment coming up soon with the Oncologist.

Best wishes for your Mum’s treatment,


Hi linda

My mom is stage 3 clear cell carcinoma ovary

Crossing fingers that the new chemo works for your mom. If the tumours were to shrink... did the surgeons indicate whether they'd operate in that case? If not, you could try to go for a second opinion. All the best. Maus

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