Second line treatment on the way

I guess the results of my consultants appointment was expected today. My ca125 was 750 after finishing treatment in nov and has risen further. Took a leaf out of Anne's book and didn't ask what it was as not always helpful to know and fixate on. Had bowel symptoms, low pain and back ache. Had discomfort in left breast area also. Had mammogram today also but wondering about that also. Feeling fatigued not sure whether caused by last weeks viral infection or the returning cancer. Yes, looks like it's back so soon. Consultant bringing ct scan forward. So waiting. Worried outlook not so good for it to come back so soon. I understand it will all depend on results of scan and leaving my body as long as is possible before restarting more treatment. Any comments appreciated. Don't know what I feel at moment, other than I expected it.

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  • Ah can't do much to help you but send some huge cyber hugs.

    Dawn xx

  • Thinking of you and wishing you well😌

  • Thank you Aemi.

  • Thanks for everyones wishes. Will post how things go.

  • Just want to say, that I will be thinking of you as you wait for scan and the results.



  • Thank you Daises. Also waiting for urgent dental hospital appointment for extraction. Something else to look forward to. Not down, just my sarcastic way.

  • So sorry to hear that you need further treatment, its what we all dread. It is a worrying time for you. Of course viruses take a lot out of us and indeed a lot out of people who are healthy. Try not to worry, it is good you are getting the scan but the 125 might be up because you have an infection somewhere. All you can do is go with the flow. Thinking of you sending you big hugs

  • Thanks for the hugs. 125 not up because of infection as had blood test 2 wks before. Couldn't make my appointment with Consultant because of infection and had to wait a further week. Fatigued today and pain in right side probably constipation. Oh, joy of joys. Just reading The Royal Marsdens Cancer Cook Book. Bought on recommendation. It came the very next day. I have always been a healthy eater so nothing new so far. Just hoping some of the recipes will be useful further on in the book. Anyway 50% of proceeds go to Royal Marsden so that's good.

  • Hi, sorry you have to go through this anxiety. The scan will show how big any nodules are, if indeed there are any, and in turn they will decide whether treatment needs to start now or can be left for a while. I have been on wit and watch since Sept 14. My next scan is on 5 March. Good luck. PS, glad you took my advice about not asking for blood result figures. Its different when having treatment of course, we all want to see a fall, but when it starts to rise, we don't need that additional worry about high figures. All the best. Ann x

  • Thanks again for your reply Ann. Good luck with your scan. Expecting mine within the next few weeks. Take care.


  • Thanks Pat. xo

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