Halfway through gem/carbo

Hi everyone , well I had my third chemo yesterday which means I'm now halfway through . However it was by the skin of my teeth because my neutrophils were 1 and anything underneath that the chemo would've been delayed . Although I have been assured if a delay happens next time it's not a problem I am a bit unnerved by this. Also my CA125 is coming down and I know it's silly but the after the first chemo it came down by 100 but this time only 50 which left me feeling disappointed . I was hoping for another dramatic drop. So hopefully by the end it will be lower . I guess this time it's different because the first time I had an operation and the chemo was just mopping up in any stray cells. This time it's to shrink the tumour. On the upside I had my chemo at our local hospice. It was just like being in a private hospital . Only four of us in a small room so did lots of chatting and the nurses were in and out constantly . So much more relaxed than a the main hospital although I cannot fault the chemo centre there, it's just that they are very busy . I hope everything is going well with everybody else . It's a beautiful day today here and I i'll go for a nice walk along the beach later .🌻🌻😘😘

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  • I am halfway through my treatment too. It's a milestone to tick off. In an odd way I was looking forward to the chemo session as I knew I was progressing. I love to chat too because the day is a long one and i find I cannot concentrate on reading. Sometimes everyone is very quite it's good when you get a nice group to chat to. Would love a walk in the beach right now... Enjoy your day 😍

  • Hey Chris and Shelly!

    First of all well done to you both for being half way through! I was just struck by both of your posts as you mentioned your experiences in the chemo ward! I am remembering my sessions with fondness, sounds a bit mad but the ward is a special place and if you take away the fact that you are getting pumped full of poison those days were some of the better days I had while I was in treatment!

    Hope you both continue your treatment without interruption and get to the end of the process without too much hassle!

    All the best!


  • Thanks for your reply . Yes sounds funny doesn't it that we enjoy our chemo days but it is nice talking to other people in the same position, and mostly they are upbeat. I met a lovely lady this time 83 years old Ex teacher from the school that my eldest son went to when he was five . She was lovely had a real twinkle in her I think she must've been quite wicked when she was young . Have a great weekend 😘🌻

  • Hi Chris Glad your treatment is going ok. Enjoy your walk, its horrid weather here at the moment so enjoy the sunshine! Kathy xxx

  • Hi Kathy, Walk was lovely I'm so glad we moved here last October . It was a big decision spurred on from the loss of our son. We wanted to start a new life and then this monster returned . But I am determined not to let it defeat me I want to be around to enjoy my lovely new home . Take care and have a lovely weekend .😘😘🌻

  • Hope you enjoyed your beach walk, Chris. And how peaceful your chemo room sounds! I've been told that these CA125 levels are purely indicative - and it's definitely going the right way isn't it? Halfway through - well done!

  • Thanks . Yes it is going the right way maybe I'm expecting too much it's just that at the end of my chemo 5 1/2 years ago my CA125 was 8. I am hoping it will drop more over the next three sessions . Beachwalk was lovely I waited for my husband to come home from work and we stopped at a lovely restaurant and sat outside just like being on holiday. 😘🌻

  • Hi Chris a halfway congratulations from me!! not sure where you live but I cant be near me in Manchester its raining and cold (just for a change)

    how have you found this regime? I'm on top up tomorrow 1st one I found it harder than Carbo/Taxol

    Best wishes xx

  • Hi Alison. Sorry to hear you are having a hard time with this. I'm finding this easier than the carbo/taxol however I am not on the top up regime. Just gem/carbo every three weeks. Sorry to here about the rain. I live near Bournemouth and we do get pretty good weather here in the South. Take care and I hope the treatment is not too gruelling for you.🌻🌻😘😘

  • Great that your 125 are coming in the right direction and that was only after two chemo so it will come down gradually, It does seem more comfy in the hospice and that is good more relaxing for the patients too, I am glad you had a lovely day and were able to get out in the fresh air nothing better to lift the spirits

  • Yes I am very lucky living here only moved last October one of the best decisions we've ever made . Have a great weekend🌻😘

  • Thank you hope you have a nice weekend as well, weather is supposed to pick up

  • Dear Chris

    I always seem to be a day behind in getting posts or maybe they come in the middle of the night ! I was going to tell you have a lovely walk on the beach when I read the replies and you had been already. I just want to agree with the other ladies that you must not worry about the CA125 . It is definitely going in the right direction and that has to be good. I start my treatment on Mon for recurrence and I am a bit fearful. However when I read of brave women like you it gives me courage. Today I have been invited to a Prayers for healing service so I will remember you and all our companions on this site. Take care and enjoy the weekend .


  • Thank you for your reply and your prayers. I hope your treatment goes well. Have a great weekend and try not to worry too much 😘😘🌻

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