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Ascites on Taxol?


Hi lovely ladies.

I’ve not been feeling great for a while. Thought it was the hernia and acid. I’m bringing up food nearly every night. I’m not sick, it gets stuck in my throat because of acid. I e not eaten a full meal for a few months. The heat doesn’t help.

Went to the GP last week, she doubled my lanzoprazole to 60mg a day. Not seen an improvement yet but it might take a few weeks.

My tummy seems to be bigger and harder than a few weeks ago. The GP said it was bloated. I’m getting breathless doing very very little. I’m laying down mostly and sleeping.

I’m having my 7th taxol Monday. I have it weekly. Could ascites get worse while having taxol?

I see the Doctor at chemo. I’ll ask him my CA125 too as I’ve not known it on this third line treatment.

Anyway I hope all you amazing ladies are doing ok and especially in this heat.

Sending you all lots of love and hugs xxxxxx

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I'm sorry you're having a tough time at the moment, Suzanne. The weather can't be helping at all. The last thing we feel like doing is eating. I've lost half a stone myself and I'm feeling okay.

Hang on in there. When it cools down you'll feel much better.

Hugs and best wishes to you. Zena xx

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This heat has been awful for people on chemo . Taxol affects my digestive system too. Well done for doing 7 weeks. I have only done 2 and struggling with bloods. I have found taxol the hardest of the treatments so far it is so toxic. Good luck we will get through this.

Best wishes Maureen

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Hi Maureen. I’ve been on taxol for first and second line as well as now. I’ve been ok before. Maybe it’s the heat. Makes chemo harder. I’m fed up of being sick too. I’m sick because of my acid reflux. I eat and pretty much throw up straight after. I have just managed to eat an ice lolly.

I hope you’ll start to feel better soon. It should cool down and we will cope better. Yes we will get through it.

Big hugs xxxxx

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I’m sure we can do this Suzanne. Sorry you having problems eating. Not been sick myself so thankful for that. At least we know it all settles down after treatment. Take care

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Thank you Zena. The heat is awful. My tummy is puffy and hard.

I hope you are ok. Hopefully the weather will cool soon.

Big hugs xxxxx

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We got some of our wishes, Suzanne, it's been pouring of rain all morning. xx

Hi Suzanne,

Please make a fuss on Monday - about your breathlessness, bloating & acid reflux. I’m sure something can be done for each of these symptoms & the Oncologist needs to be aware of exactly how you are/feel.

I hate making a fuss myself.....but sometimes it’s just so important.

Love to you, Linda xoxo 💗

Thank you Linda. I will make a fuss as I can’t carry on like this.

I hope you’re doing ok. Hugs xxxxx

Hi Suzanne sorry to hear you are feeling so sick I had taxol/carbo every 21 days and it was awful, onc said that it was the taxol making me feel like that. I remember the painkillers didn't work nor did the anti-nausea that well.. I was feeling very weak after chemotherapy and started yoga I practice the sun-salutation daily, lying down breathing deep into your tummy try and fill your body with oxygen in through your nose and exhale through your mouth if you can to warm up, the practice is on youtube if you are feeling up to it some of the stretches are easier than others. As the body moves into extension, or a back bend, the breath is inhaled deeply through the nose. During the inhalation, the diaphragm contracts as a way to pull air into the lower lobes of the lungs, while the body is bending backwards and upwards It gives you energy without having to strain yourself too much its also good for the soul, lots of water if you can to clear the toxins, I hope the weather cools down soon for ye in the UK, it has cooled down here in Ireland now. take care Clarexx

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Thank you clare. I’ll try that. My hernia doesn’t help. My stomach is pushing through my diaphragm. I can drink but only sips. Sometimes I really want to glug water as I’m so thirsty but it just makes me bring it back up.

I hope you are doing ok.

Big hugs xxxx

Hi Suzanne I’ve had 9 of 18 weekly taxol and to be honest I too have had terrible acid reflux so have started taking lanzoprazole which is helping

Bowels fluctuate between loose and constipated which can be difficult to manage, not sure what yours are behaving like but could your symptoms be bowel related? I’ve not developed bloating or been sick. I had carbo/taxol first round too and this current weekly taxol is far less harsh for me, I’m managing to carry on working apart from chemo day and using the cold cap which has worked to keep my hair to date x

I’d mention your symptoms before your next chemo to get things checked out!

Hope you get your issues resolved soon and can start feeling better x

Huge hugs

Bev xx

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Hi Bev. I’m sorry you have acid reflux too. It’s horrible. It wakes me up in the night. I have to sleep almost sitting up. I’m hoping now the lanzoprazole has been doubled that it will start to work. I seem to be able to eat ice lollies which is good.

I hope you are ok

Sending lots of love xxxxx

Oh heck, Suzanne! Definitely speak up when you are next in clinic. If you are struggling with ascites, maybe consider a drain to provide some relief? I'm sure the combination of ascites and taxol are adding to the acid reflux woes.

Good luck on Monday.

Love, Vicki xx

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Hi Vicki.

I’m so worried it’s ascites as would that mean my tumours are growing?

I need to get it sorted on Monday. Hopefully I see a nice chemo doctor. There are three. One is really good.

Hope you are doing ok Vicki xxxx

Suzanne, request to see the ‘good’ doctor; no harm in asking xx

Hi Suzanne

I’m just reading your post now so as it’s already Monday you may already have answers . Apart from the awful reflux it would seem the worry of ascites is worse. When I was diagnosed in 2011 I didn’t realise my massive weight gain was in fact 8litres of fluid sloshing around inside me. It even moved when I turned over in bed. There was no great awareness of OC or PPC then so I floated around for quite a while until I went to my very clued in GP.

I’m sure the doctors will have some indication by doing a simple tummy tapping exercise to check for ascites . At least they always do this at all my appointments or are they just going through the motions ? I would like to think it gives a good indication before they go ahead with ultrasounds and scans .

The reflux you are experiencing sounds terrible. If I don’t take my 15mg of lanzaprozole every morning I will suffer . On the rare occasion I havent taken it I found sipping cold milk and taking Rennies helps a lot .

Suzanne I hope by now you have found the source along with the remedy . Take care



Hi Molly.

My chemo isn’t until 2.30 this afternoon. I think it is ascites which worries me as I’m on chemo and chemo is supposed to get rid of it. Now I’m worried that the rumours are growing and causing ascites. I’m scared to ask the doctor at chemo what my CA125 is.

I take 60 mg of lanzoprazole. They said give it two weeks to kick in. I was on 30mg but it didn’t help. If I e got ascites it would push up the acid more.

When diagnosed I had 9 and a half litres drained. Then 5 and a half just before I started first line chemo. The relief is great.

I’ll speak to the doctor and hope he can do something.

I hope you are doing ok. Big hugs xxxx


Will you be meeting a doctor today or just going to the chemo ward where the nurses usually do the IV ? As far as I can recall a doctor met each patient briefly in the chemo ward during the course of the infusion. Just ask them straight out if they think you have ascites and maybe a quick examination will reassure you . This blooming disease has so many twists and turns and sides to it ! As for me I hope to put up a post today appealing for advice for my latest saga . I thought I had appeased the Aliens for this year at least with my BC diagnosis and treatment but no such luck . They have ambushed me again !

Meanwhile Suzanne I hope today goes well with chemo and that they will also come up with a solution for your reflux . Take care



Hugs to you that doesn’t sound much fun. My sister has temporal arteritis and is on lots of steroids. She’s also had an increase to 60mg but she said the best relief are Tesco indigestion tabs that you chew. Nice flavour and chalky like love hearts. Maybe worth a go. I’m going to try them too

Can’t answer the ascites question but I was in hospital with a lady waiting for a drain hadn’t started 3rd line yet but had fluid when she was on Taxol before if that helps.

Hope you get some relief soon. I’ve got 4 pillows to try and divert acid


Hi Lily Anne.

I will try the Tesco tablets. Thank you for the tip.

I prop myself up on pillows too. It helps a bit and I read that laying on the left side helps.

I am worried about the ascites as it makes me think the taxol isn’t working.

I hope you are ok Lily Anne. You’re an amazing lady. Hugs xxxx

Ouch Suzanne... that can't be good. Surely you need to keep your strength up during chemo... not be afraid of every little bite.

Have you asked for an ultrasound scan to check out possible ascites? If nothing else, maybe just to rule it out and then maybe look at bowels, as others have suggested.

Another idea might be to try another kind of proton inhibitor instead of lanzoprazole.. like nexi*m etc. Just bringing it up because I seem to have a genetic resistance to one kind (omeprazole) but not the other(s) . So I get my GP to prescribe the other and hope that makes a difference (not really sure but hey, we try).

Hope your med team finds something that helps soon. Worst case, you could try reducing the taxol dosage? xx. Maus

in reply to Maus123

Hi Maus

It does worry me that I feel weak and shaky. I can’t really stand or walk about for too long. I think my bowels are ok. They seem to be.

I’m usually so strong and I don’t like being weak. I’ll give the lanzoprazole the two weeks the GP said and see if I improve.

I will speak to the doctor on Monday st chemo and I’ll speak to my CNS too

I hope you are doing ok Maus.

Big hugs xxxxx

in reply to Suzanne333

Two weeks seems a long time when you are not eating properly, Suzanne. Hopefully the meds should kick in much faster than that, no? No wonder you feel weak. The heat doesn't help either.

I'm holding up ok (no major issues); just in the middle of the unpleasant stretch following the 6th Tax/Carb chemo (bowel and tummy wise), and have come to love my new little travel bidet device which prevents some of the 'nappy rash' soreness at least. Emend, MCP, salt sticks, ginger ale and biscuits to the rescue! It'll be better from Wed onwards. The only remaining question is: Which of those side effects are caused by Avastin alone? I shall know later this month. :)

Hugs, Maus.

Hi Suzanne , It could be the heat , I have always thought my side effects minimal but I am struggling at the moment and I think it’s the weather. I don’t get acid reflux so can’t comment on that but perhaps you should ask about your ca125 to see if the treatment is bringing it down

Hi Jules.

Yes I’ll ask about the CA125. I’m dreading knowing but maybe I should know.

I hope you are ok and feeling a bit better now it’s cooler.

Hugs xxxx

Yes, must have been my rain dance , hope I didn’t overdo it xx

Hi Suzanne, nice to hear from you, but so sorry you are struggling.

I’d ask for an ultrasound, that will tell them whether their is fluid. Lots of luck xxx

Hi Jessica.

Yes I will ask. Although my tummy is quite big. This probably is making my acid reflux much worse as it’s pushing it up. Hopefully can get it sorted.

Big hugs xxxxx

Hi Suzanne, sorry to hear of your discomfort. For myself whilst on chemo, all the various side effects worry me and I wonder what’s happening inside my body? Then I think , well it could be all the b poison being pumped in every four weeks which my body doesn’t like!!!

I have had digestive problems with sickness etc and tried probiotics which helped fir a time, as chemo seems to destroy the natural bacteria in your stomach lining.Might be worth a try for you.

Best of luck JackieO

in reply to Jackie0

Hi Jackie.

Yes maybe I should get some of those. They might be soothing for my tummy. Worth a go. Thank you.

Hugs xxxx

Hi Suzanne--you poor thing as if chemo alone is not enough to endure. Glad to hear you are ringing your team tomorrow--just want to say I am on a PARP and when it was like 500% humidity Friday (okay maybe a slight exaggeration) my stomach got bloated and I just felt awful. The next morning--in an air conditioned bedroom, everything went back where it was supposed to. So it alone, can effect you--on treatment (and otherwise). But of course, who knows what it is and also the stomach--some meds they give you work for some but not for others so don't give up until one works well for you (I tried three before I got the one that worked). Some take weeks but others can take affect same day. Can you ask for more than one prescription to try? So sorry for the discomfort and looking forward to hearing they are sorting this out next week. oxoxoxx Judy

in reply to Maxjor

Hi Judy.

The heat certainly made it worse but it’s still bad. My tummy feels sore and tight and it’s bigger than it should be. I look ridiculous with a big belly and skinny legs. I need to get my tummy sorted. My GP said give the double dose lanzoprazole two weeks so I will. I’m sure I e got ascites which is making the acid so much worse.

I’m so tired and breathless.

I hope everything is ok with you. Big hugs xxxx

in reply to Suzanne333

Please keep us posted Suzanne. I know that tight feeling and you need to get it sorted out and figure out why---hopefully tomorrow? oxoxoxo

in reply to Maxjor

I will do. Xxxxx

Aw Suzanne, that’s rubbish for you. I did my taxol weekly and had no real issues and you’ve had it yourself previously without difficulties, that, however, doesn’t mean it isn’t agreeing as well with you this time. Speak with your team this coming week and see if they can give you any ideas why you’re having these issues and what can be done to rectify it. I do remember having acid reflux during chemo but not sure it that was due to the carbo/taxol cocktail or just the carbo or just the taxol or maybe it was all the jelly babies, randomsand cake I ate during infusion, Gaviscon pretty much sorted it for me though. I hope you soon get some relief from these symptoms and find out what’s causing them, the incredibly hot weather certainly won’t have helped you much. I’m sure your team will be able to supply some answers for you, in the meantime I send you lots of encouragement and big hugs and love from a very rainy and much cooler Lancashire ❤️Xx Jane

in reply to Cropcrop

Hi Jane. Ahh thank you. The heat certainly made it worse but it’s very cool today and I don’t feel better. Horrible acid. I think I e got ascites as my tummy is too big. It feels sore and tender. I get scared to eat and if I eat something then throw it up, I go off that good completely. I can eat ice lollies but I can’t live on them.

Perhaps weekly taxol is affecting me more than three weekly which I had for first and second line. I’ll chat to the doctor at chemo tomorrow. See what he says.

I hope you are doing alright in rainy Lancashire. It’s rainy here in Essex too.

Big hugs. Xxxxx

Omg me too! Comes up in my throat late at night sometimes when I’m asleep! End up choking and running for cold milk and rennie followed by more omprezole!also have hernia! Possibly options for camera down! But on avastin so having scan on 6th ad ca rising so will see what it shows or not 🙏 but sleep up right pillow under knees to stop me slipping down bed! Xx

in reply to jools53

Hi Jools.

It’s horrible isn’t it. I hope you get some relief soon. Lanzoprazole is supposed to be good. I was on 30mg a day but I’m now on 60mg.

The acid makes me sick daily. Sometimes I drink water then bring it up again. I think I’ve got ascites too as my tummy is big and this would push the acid up more. I’ve not eaten a proper meal for about ten weeks.

I hope all goes well for you.

If you gave the camera down the throat. Go for sedation. I didn’t and it was a horrible experience. They put the camera up my nose then down my throat. Do have sedation.

Wishing you all the best.

Big hugs xxxx

Hi.Im on weekly Taxol only.Ive had 10 infusions,so far.I had acites before treatment and Taxol did help get rid of this..Since my last treatment I to have severe bloating,tummy hard.Im not sure if acites is coming back or constipation or the extra glass or two of wine at the cottage this weekend.Oops!.I missed a couple of treatments due to high temperature..And my CA125 did go up because I missed these 2 missed appt....Starting back to treatment today,so Im hoping this goes back to normal.My doctor did tell me to keep my bowels moving everyday...When I miss my bowel meds,I bloat and it takes a few days to get back to normal.Im still working on this...I feel your pain.This is so ongoing...How do you feel on weekly Taxol.I did okay twice on Taxol,so not sure why I feel different this time.Maybe its because Im weekly,not every three weeks.Im going to ask why I am having it weekly without a break.This has been hard.I know how uncomforable this is.I hope you get this resolved and feel better soon.


in reply to Lynn_B

Hi Lynn.

I’m exactly the same as you. Weekly this time. Had it three weekly both the other times.

It’s not constipation. I don’t know I go to the loo as I’m hardly eating anything.

It’s so annoying. I’m sitting at chemo now waiting to see the doctor.

I hope you get on ok.

Lots of love xxx

in reply to Suzanne333

How did you get on? I do think it does something to the system. I have been terribly farty each time I've had it on the weekly regime and feel quite gassed up.

in reply to Hidden

Hi Mac.

The doctor at chemo has ordered an urgent ultrasound. Said something about my liver. Also told me to contact my CNS to have tummy drained as it’s definitely ascites. I’ll speak to her today as she’s been on annual leave.

I do burp a lot but it never gives me any relief.

I hope you are doing ok. Xxxx

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