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After first line treatment cancer came back after 3 mouths put on letrozol now in hospital tablets dont seem tto be working they talking about weekly taxol has anybody had that was going to get carlex but since bowel obstruction won't give me it all confused some people say this is the last resort treatment if it doesn't work nothing else can be given xx

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  • So sorry to hear this. I don't know anything about weekly taxol but people seem to do all right on it, I think i've read that it can be better for side effects as each dose is lower. I hope you manage to have a proper talk with your medical team, so you can understand what is going on.

  • Hi I was on weekly taxol for eighteen weeks ,I finished on the 16th December. I was Ned in January,then in march I was put on tamaxofin tablets as my ca125 had risen from 7 to 19 . I am still on them though my numbers are still rising it is now 78. Will be seeing my oncologist in august,so hopefully the tablets would have kicked in by then. I managed ok on the weekly taxol ,I did get tired and my ankles got swollen but apart from that I was ok. I am sure you will be fine with the taxol . Sending hugs . Julie xx

  • Friscok, First line, I had primary chemo of carbo/taxol, debulking, IP cisplatin/taxol, then weekly "dose dense" carbo/taxol. I don't know if this is any help at all, but the weekly infusions worked!!!

  • Hello again. I've just started on weekly taxol through a trial. It's for 24 weeks in all, 3weeks on then 1 week off. I've not found it too bad yet but it's early days as I've only had 3 treatments so far. I think the concern you have around "last resort" is that typically weekly dose dense taxol is offered when you are classed as platinum resistant. Hope this helps x

  • Does that mean they could try something else if it didn't work minard xxx

  • I'm not sure about any other chemo treatments. However my option is to participate in the next stage of the trial which involves PARP inhibitors. The difficult thing to accept is that each individual's disease is different and responds differently to treatment. If only there was one sure way we'd all be there! X

  • I did weekly taxol for 18 weeks in 2014 as part of a trial, the side effects weren't too harsh as the dose is adjusted accordingly (I also had carbo every 3 weeks). I hope this line of treatment works for you and send you love and best wishes ❤️Xx Jane

  • I agree I was on taxol and three weekly carbo for 12 weeks then debulking etc followed by another repeat of the above 12 weekly regime... I had very few side affects and am coming up for my 6 month checkup.. CA 125 16😊so hope for a repeat😎xx Brenda

  • I wish you well from Western Australia 😎😊😍

  • Hi Friscok, its not the end of the road for you. I didn't have weekly taxol but do give it a chance. If it doesn't work there are always clinical trials and second opinions and you need to insist on this if it comes to that. Here's hoping you'll have better lu k on the weekly taxol. Ann xx

  • I had weekly Taxol. After that, I had different hormone treatments, then more chemo - Caelyx. Since all those, I've also had more surgery. So it doesn't mean end of the road. Di

  • I had weekly taxol for 12 weeks and now on caelyx and cisplatin. I tolerated the weekly taxol relatively well - managed to stay at work and used the cold cap so kept my hair. Caelyx is niw 4 weekly with 3 - weekly doses of cisplatin (then 1 week off) so a 4 weekly cycle. Again tolerating side effects reasonably well. Ca125 down now to 38

    Good luck with your treatment


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