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Neg. Ultrasound liver biopsy followed by a laparoscopic surgery for a better look?

Hello ladies and (gentlemen). I am wondering if anyone else has been through a ultrasound liver biopsy. Given a benign result then they want to do A laparoscopic surgery because the Drs are not comfortable with the results??? I was told it was scared tissue but my Drs can't wrap their heads arround that??? I am just scared.

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Hi Unlockes,

I went through a liver biopsy about 10 days. They used the ultrasound to guide them, and then needled in to remove samples. The sample results came back as carcinoma, and there will be another result which I'll likely get when I see the surgeon on Thursday. That one should tell me if the liver cancer cells are from my low grade serous cancer or something else.

I know this is all so scary. But I do think that on the whole, doctors press forward with more tests so they can be sure of findings. There must be something that's causing them to want more information in your case.

The way I look at it, accurate informations helps us with a better plan.

It's a lot to go through. I wish you luck.


Hi Nancy. Thank you for replying. I absolutely want my Drs to be thorough however it's hard to hear everything is good one day and oh sorry but we want to take a closer Iook the next day. I am on an emotional roller coaster. Then my family thinks I'm not hearing it correctly. I just don't like any of this.


Just tell your family the doctors had second thoughts and decided to err on the side of caution. Please don't turn this inward. We beat ourselves up enough as it is.

Big hug.


Thank you Nancy!


I had one a few months ago because one of my liver blood results was way off (deranged is what they call it and I kind of find that funny). It was fine, a bit odd but didn’t take long, didn’t hurt and the best part was that the radiologist doing it was able to tell me straight away what she could see. It was fine and although my liver is suffering because of the PARP inhibitor trial I’m on it makes me feel better knowing it will recover, hopefully, because the overall ultrasound was good.

I hope yours goes smoothly

Xx Netti


Hi Netti and thanks for the reply. I am hopeful it will be negative! XoTina


I haven’t had a liver biopsy but just had a pet scan to see what the irregularities are above the liver showing up on a ct scan.


I'm so sorry to hear this Ellisey I hope all is okay hugs


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