Importance of having a very full bladder for a pelvic ultrasound

Hi Ladies,

While undergoing an ultrasound last Thursday the person doing the scan could not get a clear view of my left ovary so he sent me away to drink 4 more cups of water.

A 2.8 cm single septated cyst was picked up clearly which would have been missed without a really full bladder. I am awaiting CA-125 result which was 96 in march and 64 last Sept!

This was not picked up at my gynae 6 weeks ago on her ultrasound!

Great group,


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  • Hi Maria, good advice, it's always good to know if this is the type of investigation you are having.

    I am given ct scans & they never mention having to have a full bladder. I had to wee just before my last ct scan or I would of ended up going while having the scan.

    l hope they are able to sort this out for you. Thanks for posting. Take care Cindyxx

  • Hi marie thank for that info i am having a ultrasound on weds.iwill drink.plenty.shortie.

  • Best of luck with the scan and don't forget to keep drinking water as you are waiting. It was amazing the difference between a full bladder and a very full bladder! I was told to fast for 4 hours too! Take care! xx Maria

  • Thank you will do.shortie

  • Hi Maria,

    Absolutely endorse what you are saying. My own rather impatient and unsympathetic radiographer made me drink 2 litres of water which I found distressing as my tumour was pressing very heavily on my bladder and I had trouble hanging into the water. He was sort of blaming me for not having the fibroid my GP expected but something far more sinister. But he was right about the water.

    Catherine x

  • am not sure if I had a full enough said I hadn't but they still thought I had fibroids when it was hyper vigilant! C xx,

  • If you don't mind me asking, why did they think it was fibroids and how did you finally get the correct diagnosis? Hope you are doing well now.

  • cannot quite work it out myself...a mistake by two senior radiologists as far as I can tell. Have just resurrected my complaint actually, as have ascertained they have appeared to be a bit too laid back with someone else.

    Robots will probably be better but I am lobbying for hysterotomies to become more routine. Am sure they will save money in the end.

    Am not brilliant now but saw many doctors before diagnosis....suspect the protocol in my centre needs to be changed. Hey ho love Chris x

  • Thank you for the reply. I am CERTAIN my MRI was misread here in the US by one of the residents...there were errors in the report and they refused to go back and check. And the gyn onc is like, well the MRI is gold standard, so bye are fine. Well the MRI may be gold standard...but does not mean the radiologists are. We are all human and make mistakes. The pathologist reading my pathology for my thyroid cancer made a HUGE error and I had to push HARD to get it fixed. I am glad you pushed for your diagnosis...and I hope to have that same strength to keep pushing for answers.

  • Good to hear from son died in the US and our lawyer said mistakes are made all the time...not something I wanted to hear and we did not"go after" the medics. However, I did 'clock' it.

    Am trying to change the protocol, and although I know humans do make mistakes learning from it is so important! Hope you do well too Chris xx

  • I agree....I'd rather learn from the mistake then keep making them...peoples lives are at stake. I am so sorry to hear about your son. Again, thank you for your reply! Jen :)

  • Hi Maria, I've always had to have a full bladder, they give me nearly a litre of the most awful aniseed tasting drink which gives a better contrast so better results, then to really help matters along they add the mid scan iodine injection which makes you feel like you're peeing your pants 😬. Fabulous fun to be had by all, It really does help the imagery though so really is worth it. Glad you got helpful scan results. ❤️Xx Jane

  • I couldn't have put this any better. That's just what my experiences have been like too xx

  • Hi, at the moment I only have endometriosis, a single 2.8 cm septated cyst, significantly non alcoholic fatty liver and Elevated CA-125 s since last sep, 64, 39, and 96 last march! I had CA-125 taken last wed and waiting for the results to see what steps to take next!!! Maria

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