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unwell for a year - any advise would be appreciated

unwell for a year now - was told i had high prolactin in feb 10 and def had a tumour - however royal free re tested and level was normal - diagnosed with coeliac in march. so unwell - bloated tummy - look pregnant/constipated/breathing problems/out of breath/tired/weeing all the time/weight gain/ repeat endoscopy oct said hiatus hernia - feel like i am pestering drs but i no my own body - worried it could be a misdiagnosis - any advice would be appreciated - Lisa

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Hi lisajjbaige

So sorry to hear how you are feeling. I too felt unwell for a long time prior to going to doctors with lots of different symptoms i felt like a hypochondriac. However two tumours were found which was believed to be caused by endometriosis but turned out to be stage 3a borderline cancer and was not discovered until they were operating on me. I do not mean to frighten you as this does not happen often but what i would say is if you are not happy keep going back until they can put your mind at rest as it is your body.

Sorry to ask but what does royal free mean?. and what are they doing re your tumour.?

Take care of yourself

Sem10 xxxx


Hi Sem - The Royal Free hospital are now saying after repeating blood tests there is no brain tumour. I had an mri at my insistence to check this. My main worry is that it is something else like ovarian cancer or something. I had an ultrasound and they said I have polycyctic ovaries which I have had for years. I am just under the gastro at the hospital now so nothing else is being loked at. Can I ask what your symptons were and what they actually found ? I also feel like a hypocondriac but I know my own body and I know somethings not right.

Thanks for your reply Lisa xx


Hi lisajjpage Try not to worry too much but its true listen to your body, the only thing I would say is also listen to the professionals because in my experience the oncology teams are usually really good. I left my symptoms for quite a while because they didnt seem important. If you read the beat symptoms you may be able to identify your problems and then take them to the doctor as BEAT is a recognised tool which nurses and doctors encourage people to use. Hope this is of use but dont suffer in silence go back and tell them how you feel. Keep in touch.

Lucy1dog xxxx


Thanks Lucy - I have used the BEAT symptons page and am going to take this along to my gp - will let you know how it goes - thanks Lisa xx


Hi Lisa

You are so right to keep going back. It definitely needs checking. If you check on my profile, you will see I had similar symptoms for about three years, and "KNOWING" something was wrong, but getting fobbed off. It may not be OC in your case but the BEAT tracker will clarify things and give you evidence for the doc. It's essential to get things sorted out quickly if it is OC. I hope it's not, but in my case it was, luckily I got it sorted and that was 9 years ago now.

All the best,

Love Wendy xx


Can someone tell me what BEAT is please.


hi BEAT is an online sympton tracker.




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