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Mass found


Hi everyone, my first post and question,

I had my pap done last week, Dr wanted ultrasound done this week, also had th ca125 test done, blood test normal, cyst on left ovary, concerned about right ovary, saw a irregular mass, consulted with another Dr on staff they suggested me seeing a oncologist for surgery. Have anyone else had this to them and the out come ? I’m scared

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I am so impressed with your doctor doing all these tests following your smear test !

Hope all goes well for you xxx

Hope I am not misunderstood by thinking you can be diagnosed by smear test.x

I suspect the doctor was being thorough and ruling out cervical cancer


Was this routine testing or did you see the doctor because of some symptoms you were having?

It would probably be helpful before your next appointment to make notes of questions as they occur to you, so you can remember to ask them. We all forget!

Go and see O&G Oncologist immediately if the mass is on the ovary. They will do the CT scan and further colonoscopy test to find out the extend of the disease if there is any. I pray that it is nothing serious because they catch you while you were on pap test. Very good of your doctor to do the follow up.

Sorry you are worried. But it sounds like you have a really switched on team who are sharing ideas and taking all avenues. That is a good sign.

Also if your ca125 is normal, that is a very good sign that you only have a cyst hopefully.

I had a similar discovery if a cyst + mass, but my ca125 was off the charts. Yours being normal is good news.

Try will probably have sinplybgot the Oncologist to do the surgery just so that they get the best on the job and they can do a scout about in there while they are operating as they know more than a regular surgeon, so although you are worried, I would try and see it as a good sign ( easy to say I know). You have the best person doing it!

When is your surgery booked for?

Nicky xx

Lots of good advice. All the best Jo x

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