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Im So worried

Hi all im nat 42 mum and soon to be 1st time grandma 😁 i went to the docs 4 weeks ago had a nagging pain in my right ovary area turns out it was wind a a flare in my ibs she the ct scan lady then went to the left side said I'd got a simple cyst will send me back to my Dr and then be referredto a gynaecologist anyway had all the blood test my ca 125 is normal only my white cells were only slightly raised my Dr said it could be that I've got a bit of a infection somewhere not to worry so then they did the 3 vaginal swabs top middle and bottom all came back clean as a whistle had my gyno yesterday he confirmed my cyst and said it's the size of a cricket ball !!!

That's huge ain't it gynocologist said I was only referred because of the size of the cyst or he would of just left it so gotta have a laparoscopy to remove the cyst day case may have to remove the ovary only if necessary thing is reason im here is im absolutely petrified it's OC!!!! All my smears are up to date and cleared all my test have come back normal do you think I'm going overboard with worry as I've got health anxiety in making myself worry im absolutely petrified I may have something bad do you think I'm over reacting guys

Nat x

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Hi Natalie

It’s natural to worry but from what you’ve said the indications look good. We have all been through this ‘waiting for results ‘ phase but all you can do is keep busy and hope for the best. Don’t forget you don’t have to have a cancer diagnosis to access help from Macmillan or Ovacome...just to talk things through xx L

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Thanks L

Only I've got health anxiety so it's through the roof I've made myself so ill over it and it's probably all for nothing I just want the cyst out and checked then I can get on with my family and stuff I've been like this before Xmas when I found out I had a cyst I just had my gynaecologist exam yesterday he said he's only removing it because of the size of it or he would of left it alone do you think that's a good sign

Nat x


Yes... but you can’t second guess this process and no one on here can tell you it is or it isn’t. Sitting with that level of anxiety is really tough xx


Hi Nat,

Don’t overthink,.....or google.

It’s great you have had rapid consultations and a quick op. Since I think they are doing the right thing before it becomes more of a problem, sounds good to me.

No point worrying, it won’t make it better, or go away, it sounds like you are in good hands.

Let us know how you get on,

Carole xxx


Thanks Carole my husband said the same as you

He says all will be good but until it's out and I get the all clear I think I will worry it's the waiting game isn't it ill be ok I'm sure

Love nat


Better out than in, I would go for surgery every time, you will be fine.

Waiting is the worst thing, you will look back and think that didn’t happen to me..it’s just a blip and you will appreciate life all the more,




Thanks my lovely I'm just waiting for a date to go ill be queuing up 😀 thanks a lot honey I've got my first granddaughter due in March so should concentrate on that




Grandkids will do it! I have 2 aged 4 and 8 months, they keep you going, something to live for.Congratulations and enjoy every moment.....you will!


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Try to stop worrying, your gynae will do the necessary surgery and then that hopefully will sort your pain, You can get simple cysts which are benign. So although its a drag waiting for surgery, its the best option right now

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So true thank you hun I'm calming down a bit now

Nat x

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One thing. You mention all your smears being negative.

The Pap Smear only checks for Cervical cancer.

There is no current screening test for Ovarian cancer.

The CA-125 is a cancer antigen found in the blood, but is known to yield both false Positives and false Negatives.

Until there’s a test, information is best.

The professionals at Ovacome can provide assistance.


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