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Surgical menopause has left me different

Hi there,

I had surgery many times to do with my reproductive organs having my first partial hysterectomy of my uterus and cervix at 26 years old due to complications after the birth of my only child. I recently in 2014 had full hysterectomy removing both ovaries due to so many adhesions and massive ovarion cysts stuck to bladder and kidney...

Since going off HRT about two years ago ( wasnt working for my mind nor body) I have lost all sexuality feelings in the vaginal area and nipples which were extremely sensitive before. I am only 52 and really want to be sexually active with my patient husband like we used to before the surgery.

What can anyone recommend without having to go on HRT again? Does the vaginal estrogens work?

Not worried about lubrication as coconut oil works awesome and is natural... Just want the desire and for my body parts to feel the stimulation when touched.

I know I need to go back and see my gynaecologist but wanted to hear what has worked for women experiencing the same situation...

Thank you....

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Dear Lost,

I was luckier than you, as I went through menopause before the cancer attached me.

But like you, I had completely lost my libido and what's more, no matter what I tried, intercourse was too painful to continue.

What has saved the sexual side of our marriage (and like yours, sex was always an easy pleasure for me) was oral sex. My husband suddenly became an expert at it, and I found I could get a lot of pleasure from it. And I mean a lot!

Another aid has been sexy underclothing, sexy films and magazines and my own imagination.

One other thing, in many places in the USA, medical marijuana is available, I find it to be an amazing aphrodisiac and really helpful to get me in the mood.

If you have no local access to this, take a holiday in Amsterdam. At least you can try it. Purchase some in a coffee house and bring it back to your hotel room.

So there are my pointers.

Good luck with this,



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