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Chemo & surgical menopause


Hi ladies

I was just wondering if anyone had taken any natural remedies alongside carboplatin .

I'm suffering with really bad hot flushes and have been searching and found that sage works well and their dosent seem to be any contrindications with carboplatin ?

Anyone any tips for hot flushes natural wise ?

I've already got ladycare magnet etc

Has anyone tried fem45plus ?

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Hi there

So sorry that you are suffering so much. I didn't need chemo but I know that Onxologists all say that you absolutely must tell the, if you re taking anything , even natural products. The trouble is that natural products are not standardised to the same extent as main stream drugs. For this reason it is not known what else is in the product and how these substances might interact with chemo.

I have had HRT since my first surgery and because it has worked so well , I cannot imagine life without it. Some antidepressants at low doses can be used for flushes and of course it helps the mood.

I do hope that your team comes up with something for you.

Hugs xxxx


Hi I asked my oncologist if he could recommend anything natural for me to take and he said evening primrose oil, he said he didn't really want me to take anything else as I was having chemo carbo and taxol, I did try it but I must admit I didn't feel it made any difference to the hot flashes. I hope somebody else on the site might have some suggestions.



accupuncture works for me i have had it since i finished chemo a year ago and it makes such a huge difference hope that helps x

My oncologist said red clover was ok but not black cohosh

I took Prozac I was in a similar situation to yourself carboplatin only and my hot flushes were ridiculous. I also bought a chillow and used that at night and found if I exercised they were better so I did swim and go to the gym when I felt like it.

I now take hrt even though it's not advised because of my cancer being estrogen receptive but my quality of life was poor and I hated never being able to wear a coat etc.

I still get warm flushes but I can now wear something other than a vest and cardigan and make up


I am on carbo after having undergone a surgical menopause in October and like you I started to get very frequent hot flashes night and day. I found that reducing my caffeine intake reduced them significantly. I still have a cup of tea in the morning but then I try to avoid it. Exercise helps too, I usually have a short walk most days. Also found that alcohol tends to bring them on but it is worth the occasional glass of wine 🍷 😉.

Hope you get some relief soon 🤗

Lynne 💞

Similar story to Lynne. I tried to manage menopause by looking at what I was already doing in my life and seeing if there was anything I could change.

Reducing caffeine intake and sugar had a major effect. Fresh air and exercise make me feel better all round. Diet of more natural foods (fruit and veg, organic if I can, protein sources that haven't been processed, etc) again make me feel better all round.

If you're looking at using herbal medicine I suggest you look up a medical herbalist and see them. A qualified medical herbalist (such as one registered with National Institute of Medical Herbalists) will go through everything with you and will look at any possible contraindications, etc. A qualified medical herbalist will have extensive training so are much better informed than a lot of the sources on the internet.

I take herbal medicine for general wellbeing, energy and immune system. I saw a medical herbalist who has worked with cancer patients for over 20 years and she prescribed it to me. Although I'm also a qualified herbalist I didn't feel that I could do my own prescription. I wanted someone independent to do it for me. Most herbalists will do similar where they ask a colleague to advise on their prescription.

Hello! My oncologist recommended black cohosh. It hasn't taken them away, but has greatly reduced the frequency and severtiy! He said if that didn't work he could prescribe some antidepressants that have proven successful. I didn't want to go that route.

I am also looking into acupuncture. I've heard many people have found that successful.


Urgh, you poor love. I've not had to have chemo but have suffered fairly frequent night sweats this month particularly, which have been just awful, so can sort of sympathise! I haven't found anything that might help but would agree that you should perhaps discuss any herbal/natural medicines with your medical team before trying, just in case. And i'll watch this thread with interest because other than towelling myself down in the middle of the night and getting back into a soaking wet bed cocooned in my dressing gown...i'm at a loss as to what to do that might help!

Jemima xx

Coxsar in reply to Mrs_Atko

My onc today advised me not to take anything and try to persevere until chemo is over 4 to go .

What I have done is buy a lady magnet and I went away at the weekend and didn't wear it ( passion killer ) my sweats were more severe and intense .

I've put it back on this morning and had less flushes and not so intense ? Maybe mind over matter but I'm going to stick with it 👍

I've also got some diazepam to help with the intense anxiety and have found I'm not having flushes every 20 minutes , flushes could be anxiety related ? (yes I hear pharmaceuticals but I have the chemo to deal with) diazepam can be dealt with after chemo finishes .

2nd chemo tomorrow and not looking forward to side effects but looking forward to my well week ( normality week as I like to call it fingers crossed )

I wish everyone all the best of wishes in your own personal journey and my mindset is don't suffer with anything if you can have something to help your journey

Take care of yourself xxxx

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