Im currently on my third cycle of chemo due to the bugger coming back again after only 10 months of it being dormant whilst on Letrozole.I'm on Carbo / Gem having it day 1 & then day 8. It's been tough as its battered my red blood cells and I've needed several transfusions but managed okish, knowing I've only one cycle to go!

yesterday I visited my oncologist for a routine check up prior to this weeks chemo to be told that I may not get it as, again my red cells are very low and I've come out in a lot of bruising, I've been scheduled for a blood test today but it's highly unlikely chemo will be this week..

I know it's stupid but I'm gutted, I've looked to the end date for the past 18 weeks, getting to the end & getting back to normal life. The end date has been everything, especially as it meant I'd be okay for a family party which I'll miss if moved by a week.

Trying to get over myself, but just feel so gutted.....

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  • Like you, my one aim was to get to the end of 18 weeks of chemo in 2016 - I managed it but then a few days later I ended up in hospital for six weeks over Christmas, New Year and my birthday with sepsis. But here I am one year on after change of diagnosis at different hospital, hysterectomy, 3 more chemo, op to change ureter stent and now continuing with Avastin and in the scheme of things quite well. So hang in there - I know it is so disappointing to miss an event you have been so looking forward too - in my case a big wedding in London - so sending you lots of positive vibes and hope you will soon be feeling much better, Janet

  • Really feeling for you! Xxx

  • So sorry love,

    Nothing can be garunteed with this illness, you probably will be ok for the family party? And just accept you may need treatment after. I can remember when I was told I needed chemo after my op, I kicked a pair of shoes up my stairs in anger, it only meant I had to rub down and paint the damage.

    Such a waste of energy, try not to worry and use your energy in better ways than I did mine😳😬xx

  • OC is a rocky road, and I don't mean the dessert! Be strong, Emalou, there are a lot here to help you on the journey.

    Iris xx

  • So sorry to hear this, I feel reading through the posts this evening, I should log off and come back on as everyone s pain is just unreal right now, Carbo and Gem do hit you with a bang and there is Alcohol in the Gem so look at it this way, missing a treatment means you can drink at that party.

  • Stay positive your stronger than you know. I had two blood transfusions. I had 18 rounds of chemo in 14 weeks. Half being IP chemo intraperitoneal chemotherapy. You can do anything you put your mind to. Best wishes, Liz

  • It’s horrible when you plan around the dates. I’ve given up now. It’s so unpredictable. I try and see the delay as a positive now. Gaining a week or so extra to recover.

    Every event falls on my day 10 post chemo currently and I just keep thinking is cos I’m not meant to be there! Safer at home away from bugs.

    Totally natural feelings, I hope you get to the party 🙏 xxx

  • Yes, this happened to me too. I missed a big family wedding I thought I could attend. My chemo dates were changed due to low neutrophils. Family members took lots of picture and shared them with us in real time but it wasn't the same. They still talk about what a great party it was. But I'm still here to listen to the tales, so that's something.

  • Hang in there - your body just needs a bit of extra time. You can make it!

    Best wishes Dawn

  • Thank you ladies, feeling better about things today. Keeping everything crossed for this week xx

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