Low Platelets

Visit to Oncologist today before my Chemo tomorrow. Ca125 dropped another 11 to 24 from thousands I'm happy with that!! But my platelets are very low under 50 should be 100. No wonder my bruises from falling downstairs 4 weeks ago have not gone!! Had another blood test today and as I've not heard anything I'm having the chemo as planned tomorrow. I'm pleased as it's number 4 and I just want ut done.

Anyone else had this? I'm guessing it's common

Had low white cells then low red cells and now low platelets...wondering what's next lol


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  • Hi Ricky, Yes it it is common, it's good you are going ahead with your chemo but don't be upset if they do put it off, I know you won't it over but it's usually only for a couple days or a week till your platelets are up, so glad you have had great result on your 125, down to 24 is in the normal range. can I ask what chemo you are on.

    wishing you the BEST of health..Lorraine xx


  • Hi. I'm on Carboplatin every 3 weeks I struggled on Carboplatin and Taxol. So was put on Carboplatin. To be honest I do feel rough for about a week then start to pick up. So it's manageable. The 3rd one was garden but it was worth it as the results are so good. I'm stage 4 so it's not cure able but how it's going so far is good xx

  • Hi Ricky,Yes we can live with it and your results have been great so hope it will continue for many years to come..cheers Lorraine xx

  • Hi Ricky- all this can be expected from the chemo. It can be dealt with. Neopogen shots in between chemo. Platelets rise quickly after chemo. Might need a transfusion eventually.so good your 125 has dropped low! Chemo is working. Good news!

  • Wow im so pleased to see how far your CA125 has dropped! 👍

  • Having your CA125 drop by over a factor of 10 is a very good predictor for a positive outcome. This is wonderful!!!! HOORAY!

  • Fantastic news your chemo is already down to normal range . Don't worry about your bloods your team will have ways of sorting or will just take a little time to recover . Glad your treatment plan is on track . Well done you are over half way through . Stay strong love Kim X

  • Hi Ricky it does happen to a lot of patients, I had low white and low platelets and had to self inject on two out of six chemo.


  • Thank you everyone for your replies it really helps to get fantastic advice for you lovely ladies!!

    UNFORTUNATELY they cancelled my Chemo today will try next Tuesday instead. Gutted as I wanted to get it done but at least this way I get to enjoy eastwr and not be in bed being sick and feeling rotten.!!

    Just a thought I was told I would get a scan halfway but when I said I hadn't had it he didn't respond... so I'm guessing that's a no then lol xxxxx

  • Just want to say that I was sick initially on carboplatin but after ringing the hospital chemotherapy help line, i took ondansetron (spelling?!) for around 5 days rather than the 2 days which I had first cycle. This worked for me, possibly caused worse constipation but was worth it and i they worked hard to find the right remedy for this: senna prob the most helpful. Do ask for help with the sickness, I was told that it can usually be sorted out.

    How rude not to get a reply re scan. It's very hard to question sometimes isn't it, but you should at least be told why.

    Enjoy Easter and good luck with next cycle xx

  • I to suffer with low platelets they went down to 34 and if they had dropped any lower I would have needed a platelet transfusion. It delayed me having a new port inserted twice as the were to low but thankfully it went ahead last Thursday. On Monday when in for my chemo they were over 400 . I am on Topotecan which is given over five days with Avastin added on day one of each cycle. The mind boggles with the way they can go down so low and two weeks later be so high. Kittie

  • Platelets do seem to jump about. Glad your CA125 has dropped so far, Ricky. Makes it all worth it x

  • I had low platlets twice on carbo gem I got very small red dots on my skin. It's not unusual sx

  • I had the same, low platelets, low white count, had to use gsf injections. You are nearly there x

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