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Making sense of scan results

Making sense of scan results

I had a good feeling that my 18 weeks of taxol treatment had done its work and the scan result from last week has confirmed that with much relief.

According to the report of which I now have a copy - The gastrophic, aortocaval, and left obdurator nodes show decrease in size * , there are no pulmonary, hepatic or adrenal metastases, no evident peritoneal deposits but a few prominent nodes remain in the abdomen*

Conclusion is "excellent response to therapy with no evidence of residual disease". Great to read but not quite sure how this can be so in relation to * above.

Just being a bit of a worry head about this, may have to ring just to be 100% clear about what it means...

Anyhow I have got my first ever 3 month appointment and hoping very much I don't have to return for ANY reason at all until this check up date.

Meanwhile I plotted my CA 125 fortnightly readings from start to finish of treatment this morning as a graph as someone else posted about the dramatic decrease to start with and the levelling out towards the end which is exactly what happened in my case.

However another minor niggle is that within a month it has started to rise again from its lowest of 218 to 259. Well it can just creep off! I am going to be too busy fitting a lot of good life stuff in over the next few weeks having a holiday, going down to London, getting a new kitchen and getting out and about with friends and treats.

I am now compiling a wish list of things to do, places to go and have started a daily diary of things that I am very happy and grateful for...

Janet x🌈😍🌈❤️🌈🌞

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Bless you Janet, hope you enjoy all those things... and I may meet you if death cafe is in among that list somewhere I hope. I know what you mean about the CA125 (mine never went below 52) but the scan is the main thing and it’s looking good. Enjoy this time, spring is on the way, snowdrops, longer days, etc etc.

All the best!!!

Xx Netti xx


Well done Janet...loving your graph, I don’t think I could have done anything needing that much brain power during chemo xx


Sounds great, and what a decrease in figures. I think when the CA levels out it pleases them, and I think your result is amazing.

Enjoy your treatment free time and lets hope it lasts for years

Best wishes

LA xx


You go, girl! My CA125 has been going up since September, I finished Avastin in December and am having another scan next week. They seem to think that I’m ‘stable’ so I’m ignoring the CA125 and making judgements as to how I feel. If they say I’m still stable, a holiday in New Zealand is in the offing!

Best wishes, Ali x


Would be a good idea to ask for a layman's interpretation otherwise you'll be forever wondering. Maybe the prominent nodes are not thought to be disease, but that's only a guess.

Enjoy your freedom during the next three months!

All the best!



That sounds like a plan so enjoy your days out. It has been a long dark winter but Spring is around the corner


Fabulous results, enjoy your time doing all the nice things you have planned . Xx


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