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Hi All ,

Just a quick up date , Well got my scan results back and unfortunately not the best of news .. The Lymph Nodes that were enlarged are now larger and unfortunately The Para Aortic Lymph Nodes are now affected , to the point that a few that are beside the tubes that go to my kidneys are swelling and they are worried that it could block them , making more problems .. so i'm starting back treatment at the end of the month (same as before Carbo/Taxol .. 6 sessions .. 1 every 3 weeks ) .We knew it wasn't far away as the pains in back were getting worse and they did tell me in July that they were expecting me to be back on chemo in 8 - 10 months and they were spot on .. which is one of the reasons we brought the wedding forward to Feb 16th ... so i'll be rocking it next weekend , having a ball .. will post pics as a few of the ladies have asked ... x

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  • I hope you have the most wonderful wedding and the sun shines for you!

    Really sorry to hear about your scan results-

    Anne x

  • I am so sorry, I had a recurrence with a tumour on the para-aortic lymph gland which was dangerously near major arteries and blood vessels the prognosis was not good, but after a course of chemo I am now in remission, even though they though I wouldn't achieve this and was given the palliative chemo to attempt to shrink it, the tumour has now gone.

    Sending you my best wishes and very best wishes for the sixteenth love x G x :-)

  • Sorry it was meant to read even though they "thought" oops :-/ ;-)

  • Ohh Gwen that's fantastic news ,so pleased for u ... it's always great to hear things like this , gives u that little bit of hope to cling on to ... and thank u so much for the best wishes .. getting excited now lol .. x

  • Dear Sharon,

    Disappointing news about your scan. I had exactly the same advice - about para-aortic lymph nodes but the oncologist didn't explain the significance of that and apparently I have some tumours elsewhere. I've been sent away for 3 months but we're starting to talk about chemotherapy again. We might want to compare notes! lol

    But now to much happier and more exciting things - your Wedding Day on 16th February. Have a wonderful day with family and friends which I have no doubt will be full of music, song and happiness. I've put a note in my diary so I can think of you on the day.

    Looking forward to seeing a pic and hearing about it.

    Loads of love Annie xxxx

  • We certainly could compare notes Annie lol my consultant has been fantastic and told me whats been happening the whole way .. so can be thankful for that ... oohh certainly going to be a night full of that , it's my own band that's playing at it , so will prob spend half the night on the stage with them , with the odd dance thrown in lol .. x

  • Hi Sharon

    So sorry about the scan. I just hope the treatment will work as well for you as it did for Gwyn.

    Have a wonderful time next week. I got married in February too and it is great because everybody needs something to lift them from the winter gloom by then so it is doubly enjoyable!

    Monique x

  • ah Monique you did set my mind in motion - I had a vision of a great big Ovacome marriage or renewal of vows service to cheer some of us up during the winter gloom. I got married in July 2011 shortly after I'd started my first line of chemotherapy. It was a fantastic day. One I'll cherish for the rest of my days. It cheers me up to think that there are positives as well as heartbreaks in dealing with Ovarian Cancer.

    I'll be thinking of Sharon singing with her band on Saturday week.

  • An Ovacome renewal of vows sounds a brilliant idea, Annie. It's great that you have such a wonderful memory for July 2011. When I had chemo the first time in 2010 I treated myself during the last cycle to something that I had always wanted to do - going to the last night of the proms. We paid way over the odds for the tickets but who cared. We managed to do some other things during that time which I look back on fondly, even though I didnt always feel at my best. As you say, there can be positives in this.

    Monique x

  • Can't you feel another blog coming on Monique .... My wonderful memory. That would really cheer us up with so much unhappy news this week.


  • Hi Sharon,

    So sorry to hear about the scan results, just what you didn't need right now,

    I sincerely hope that you have a wonderful wedding day,mi look forward to seeing the photos when you get round to posting them

    Lots of love



  • Sorry the scan results weren't good news Sharon.

    I will also be thinking of you on your wedding day. Looking forward to seeing the pictures.

    Love Mary xx

  • Thanks Ladies Xx , I'm ok in every other way , so not feeling ill or anything apart from the pains in my back ...but at least now I know what it is , handled the same chemo before and came through it ok infact I moved house during it, plumbing in washing machines and things lol so fingers crossed we can have the result x

  • Sharon I had terrible pains in my back , but I found using heat pads helped, my son bought me a hand warmer that was fuelled by lighter fuel (zippo) and it stayed warm longer and I tucked it in my pants and no one knew it was there, it was smart as well silver looking and smooth. failing that those hand warmers that you can click and then they heat up, I used those too. The tumour was pressing on a nerve but after I started chemo the pain went away love x G x :-)

  • Oh are a one! The vision of you with a hand warmer fuelled by lighter fuel in your pants has made me laugh so much. It so cheered me up after the last few days.

    Love Linda xxx

  • Lets hope Sharon doesn't get her pants on fire at her wedding LOL

    Ummmmm on second thoughts :-O :-O :-/ ;-) ;-) :-/ hummmmmm cough! splutter! choke! :-D :-D love x G x teehee!

  • Oh dear lets hope not........naughty lady! xxx

  • You started it ( I think :-/ or did you? ) eemmm ;-) I'm confused!!! haha!!! if you didn't start it you certainly helped LoL xx

  • Lmao .. oohh Gwyn Thank u so much and Linda .. u are a pair lol u have just made my morning , not slept much last night and the first post i read is urs ... lol Puts a whole new meaning to burning up the dancefloor .. just need to make sure i keep a fire extinguisher nearby lol x

  • Hi Sharon,

    I am sorry you couldn't sleep last night,

    I sleep a lot as I am tired most of the time, but when I get to bed sleep evades me.

    I am glad our remarks cheered you up (and didn't offend you at all) I figured if you are a singer/ entertainer you like a bit of a giggle teehee! :-D

    Seriously though little heat pads tucked in your pants on your back where you are experiencing pain eases it a lot. at least you can give it a try, those little hand warmers that you click and then they heat up are only a couple of pounds from Aldi.

    The sun is shining today have a good day. love x G x 8-)

  • Oohh Gwyn how could i be offended lol , but ur right there's nothing i love more than a gd laugh , it's what saw me through my last lot of chemo , that and my work .. but i will certainly look out for them , sounds like a gd thing to try x

  • I'm so glad it made you laugh Sharon, obviously no offence meant....Gwyn is a bad influence...Not that I need any encouragement lol!!! When I first read her comment I thought it was hilarious, but thought maybe I had a bit of a warped sense of humour. Keep that fire extinguisher handy and have a wonderful day. Sorry Kings of Leon suddenly sprung to mind...perhaps I should shut up here!

    Love Linda xxx

  • I think we encouraged each other Gwyn although I must admit I was the one who laughed at your comment. If we can't laugh then we would be in a sorry state lol!

    Love Linda xxx

  • Hilarious, Gwyn and Linda. I have some of those heatpads, and they are heart shaped. Maybe you could incorporate it into your wedding outfit. :D

  • Haha what a great Idea Vicky... I've got some heart shaped ones too...they should be easy to get at the moment with it being so close to valentines day. Teehee!! a unique way to wear your heart (not on your sleeve) but on your B-m.

    I bought my daughter some red heart shaped ones for Christmas. Love x G x

    :-) 8-) :-/ ;-)

  • Sending you best wishes for your wedding day, and hope you will be as lucky

    as Gwen was with your next round of chemo.

    Love Angie xx

  • Hi Sharon

    Sorry to hear your scan results weren't so good, hopefully the chemo will sort it out quickly. As you say you've got through it once, you can do it again.

    Good luck for the 16th, have a wonderful day...look forward to the pics.

    Love Linda xxx

  • Hi Sharon so sorry to hear about your results and needing more treatment . I hope it works well and you have a very long remission . I hope you have the most wonderful wedding day



  • Hope you have a lovely day on the 16th :) all the best. Kelly x

  • Thank u so much Ladies ... can't believe its came round so quickly , had my dress fitting the other day and it fits like a glove .... , getting excited now x

  • I wish you all the happiness in the world. May the love you share always surround you.

    Much love and cyber hugs

    Jean xxxx. :-d

  • Have an absolutely fabulous day on the 16th - how exciting, I have been married for 10 years this September and am thinking what we can do to celebrate in tricky times. My wedding day was so blessed and I wish that yours will be everything you dream of - am sure it will especially with hot pants tee hee :-))

  • Hi Shaz

    I'm glad Gywn reminded us of her tumor vanishing and I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is what will happen for you.

    I am so happy and excited for you regarding your upcoming wedding and can feel it in my bones that it will be a wonderful day.


  • A very romantic month to marry ..just after Valentines day wonderful xxx

    May you and your future hubby and family have the most amazing day .

    Wishing you all the best for your next lot of chemo and positive hugs too ( ) xxx

    Love Jan xx

  • Hi Jan,

    You ought to read mine and Linda's comments above about hand warmers, it might give you a little giggle (I know you like a giggle) we can all picture her walking down the isle with heart shaped hand warmers in her pants (Vicky's idea about heart shaped ones) haha say no more you'll have to read it love x G x :-D

  • Oops spelt "aisle" wrong :-/ ;-) xx

  • One can only hope if worn they stay in place were they are meant to be .......

    Loved it xxxxxxxx

    Hope the wedding dress has a good under skirt too ...need nothing showing or glowing as going down the aisle !!!!

    Love Jan xxxxx

  • Hi Jan, trust you to add complications, the chances are that she will be wearing magic knickers (you know the one's that tucks in all the bulgy bits) not that I am saying she has bulgy bits, but they will hold them in position... Teehee they don't have to be red, just thought hearts would be romantic.. ( now back to the drawing board :-/ ;-) hmmmm!!

    Love x G x :-)

  • Well now Sharon looks to be nice a and slim might not need them magic knickers and they could be the smaller type of under garments that are on sale today ..... Not good for winter though ..... yes Gwyn Hmmmmm .....

    Love Jan xxxxx

  • Hi Sharon

    Sorry to hear about your scan hope the excitement of your wedding day will put the bad thoughts on a back burner. Looking forward to seeing the pics. May your day be filled with love and laughter.

    Chris x x

  • Hi Sharon

    What a bugger - but from above its clear that what you describe is often beatable back into submission and remission - so you make that assumption and get on with the wedding which is way more fun to talk about!

    I hope you are planning a pair of teal-coloured 'big pants' as your something blue, in honour of us OC ladies! Am sure if you explain to your soon-to-be-husband he will forgive the lack of sexy skimpies on the night!

    :-D ROFL!!!


    Sue xxx

  • Hi Sue,

    You should see the banter (up higher) about pants and hand warmers (Linda and I ) we are talking about getting her pants on fire :-/ ;-) enough said nudge! nudge! wink! wink! Teehee love x G x :-D

  • Goid grief! You are also a fairly dirty as well as badly behaved then?

    LMAO...! :-P

  • Lmao ... Magic pants , heart shaped warmers and Sue i never thought of that heading to shops to see if i can find any lol , u are all mad but hey it certainly helps u get through all this , so thanks ladies u have made me chuckle with all the replies xx

  • Sharon I'll be dancing for you in my heart... and praying for a miracle to come your way like Gwyn's.

    Sending you warmest hugs and prayers!



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