The Silent1 - update on Ann

Hi ladies, it has been a while from I have posted on the site but know that you are all here for advice and support and I truly do value that. This group has been a blessing to me from my diagnosis.

My lovely friend Ann has been a constant support on here to many and thought I would give you an update as I am sure she has been missed.

Ann went to New York in August and from she returned home has been in hospital with complications. She had a stroke and sadly has been unable to have any more chemo. She did make a recovery from the stroke and started to use her arm again but unfortunately hasn't been able to get back to her own home.

She has been in a local hospice for a few weeks now and has been getting so much better personal and loving care that has really helped her and her family.

Would you all keep Ann and her family in your thoughts and prayers please.

Love to you all.

Julie xo

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  • Thank you Julie. I only asked another member the other day if she has seen any posts from Ann. She will definitely be in my thoughts and prayers. Xxx

  • Thank you for letting us know Julie and please pass on my love to Ann.


  • Thank you Julie Please pass on loving thoughts to Ann

    Judy xx

  • So sad to read this - thank you for letting us know, Julie, and please pass on my love.

  • This is sad news but I'm pleased to hear that Ann is getting such good care at the hospice. Please send my love to her and her family. Ali xx

  • Thank you for the update I as only thinking recently that it was a long time since we had heard from Ann. I will be thinking of her and I am pleased to hear she is getting good care.

    Maureen xx

  • I’m really sorry to hear about Ann, but I’m glad she is being so well looked after. Please add my love to the pile 💐

    Vicki x

  • Most definitely Julie and thank you for letting us know.... I am lighting candles just as I read your post and shall light one thinking of Ann, her family and friends.

    Much love to you too.... Sxx

  • Love and prayers to Ann and her family. Also to you Julie, as always.

    Sandra xx

  • Sosoory to hear Anne has been unwell. Please convey my best wishes and I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers. I have missed her kind advice

  • I’m so sad to hear about Ann but it’s good to know she is being well looked after in her hospice. I’m so glad she managed the trip to New York.

    My best wishes to her and her family.

    Thanks for letting us know, Julie.


  • Thanks for letting us know Julie and please send Ann my love and a gentle hug, love Kerry xx

  • Please add my very best wishes to Ann. It's often a really rocky road and I appreciate your updating. I'm glad she went to New York and hope she can have much gentle joy at Christmas time with loved ones.

    Xx Netti

  • Will keep Ann in my thoughts and prayers , it’s also good to hear from you.

    Hugs Ellsey xx

  • I too was wondering how Ann has been getting on and am saddened to hear she is unwell. With the love and strength of her friends and family i also wish her well and will light a candle in mass tomorrow for her x

  • Much love support and prayers for Ann, may she find the strength needed to support her through this difficult time

    Jackie O xx

  • Ladies I’ve had some very sad news tonight from her husband. Ann is sleeping now all of the time and the doctors told them today that although her pulse is strong we will lose her soon. Heartbreaking. I will pass all your love and support to Stuart and her daughters xo

  • So sorry to hear this Julie. Thankfully she has had a peaceful time since she went into the hospice and hopefully her family with her at the end. I'm sure your friendship has been a comfort too.

    Look after yourself. X

  • Send Ann a hug from me. Xxx

  • Hi Julie So sorry to hear about Ann, We may never meet each other but just corresponding, on this site and encouraging each other we do become friends, so it's hard when one of us is having a hard time.

    I hope Anne is comfortable and glad she is surrounded by loved ones please give my heartfelt best wishes..Lorraine xx

  • Please send Ann my very best wishes. Good to hear she’s being so well cared for. Jo 🌻🌹🌺🌸🌼

  • Thinking of dear Ann and her family at this very sad time. Thankyou for keeping us updated Julie xxxx

  • Thankyou Julie for the update - I was thinking over the last few weeks that she hadn't posted anything and wondered if all was well.

    As we would all agree this disease and complications are cruel in the extreme - my truest wish for Christmas is that each and everyone of us could be healed. How wonderful!

    Sending love to all

    Maz xxx

  • An incredibly hard update to make Julie, I am so sad to hear this. Ann sounds like she's peaceful and that must bring some comfort to the special people around her.

    I do hope you are doing ok Julie xxx

  • I am so sad to hear this, I really don't know what to say, she has been such a great support to me in those argh moments. A hug to you too Julie and much love to all of her family.

    LA xx

  • Thanks for letting us know I had been wondering how Ann was. Sx

  • Dear Julie - thank you for this, I am so upset. I have corresponded with Ann several times. I just don't understand how things can go so quickly and the timing is CRUEL beyond belief. She was a wonderful member of this site. With love and best wishes - Nicola

  • Glad she is comfortable and peaceful.

  • Thinking of Ann and her family x

  • Thank you for the update-will be thinking of Ann.

  • So sorry to hear your news about Ann. However, I'm glad she is comfortable and being well looked after.

  • Oh Julie, so terribly sad to read your post & update. Ann was one of the first people who replied to me when I first joined the site nearly 3 years ago and she was so encouraging and inspiring. Glad she made her trip to New York, and that she is being cared for so well. It sounds as if she is peaceful. My thoughts are with her family and you her close friend I know you have helped each other so much along the way.

    Love, Madeline. Xxx

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