Posting on behalf on Juliet55

Hi all, this is Steph, Juliets daughter here. She has asked me to post on her behalf.

My Mam was given news this week that it is a matter of weeks now, possibly months. She has been in hospital since December 7th and any intervention is too risky.

She was going to be treated with a venting gastrostomy tube but she is not a suitable candidate for that or any other intervention.

She would like to thank you all for your support over the last few years and the kind and supportive messages she has already received (from Irish ovacare site).

She is not considering a second opinion. She is comfortable and her pain is being well managed. In the last few months she has found great comfort in the support of this group and has tried to provide to support to those who have needed.

She will be reading her messages from time time to time

From myself, my brother Conor and her partner Tom, we want to say thanks for all the support you have shown her since her diagnosis in June 2015'


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  • Please tell your mammy that she is an amazing wonderful woman. You already know that but she may not. On a day like today, when she is given such devastating news, she thinks of us here on the forum. My love and huge admiration to your mammy, to you and all those that love her. Xxx

  • Hi Steph,

    I hope your mam is comfortable, and that you can share some special times with her. Thank you for letting us know how she’s doing.

    Vicki x

  • Hi Steph your Mum has inspired me a lot over the past while. I had the pleasure of meeting her in Cork some months ago, a truly lovely lady who made the most of that day by going to Cobh and Fota. I am glad your Mum has comfort at this time. Please message any of us if you feel upset at anytime

  • ❤️

  • Steph - I am glad she has you, Conor and her Tom by her side. Your Mam will be in my thoughts and prayers.


  • Thank you for posting this message Steph. Juliet is clearly surrounded by a loving generous family. I hope she is comfortable and calm. Thinking of you all at this holiday time and I sincerely hope you can share a loving Christmas.

    Best wishes, Tania

  • Thank you for updating us on her behalf. I pray she is resting comfortably and admire her courage to face what life gives. When I am in her situation I pray I can be as strong.

    Bless your family over the holiday season and beyond.

    Xx Carol

  • Hi. Just wanted to wish Juliet a peaceful, comfortable time with you, her loving family by her side. She’s been a good, kind, thoughtful and inspirational voice here. Please send her my love. Jo 🌻🌺🌸🌼🌹

  • Sending lots of love to your Mum. It’s very sad news for you all, sending you my best wishes

    LA xx

  • Thank you for letting us know and I’m so so sorry. Thankfully your mum is comfortable.

    Sending her a warm gentle hug and sending you and your family a heartfelt hug.

    Lots of love xxx

  • Im so sorry to hear your news. Im thankful your mum is comfortable and hope you get to spend quality time together as a family. Sending you all a gentle hug and much love xx

  • Thank you letting us know. Spend lots of time in the warmth of your family unit. Hope mum is comfy and calm

    Marian xxx

  • Sending lots of love

    Judy xx

  • Thank you for letting us know, so thoughtful of your mother to ask you to let us know. It’s good to know she is comfortable and well looked after. such sad news. Wishing you all lots of quality time together.


  • Sending hugs and warm wishes to you all. Xx

  • Such sad news but please pass on our love to your amazing mam xx

  • HI Steph. Thank you for keeping as update about Mum, this site is like one big family we get to know each other even if we never meet and good or bad news we are their for each other.

    I'm glad she has found that support on here and I know she gave support when ever she could.

    It's good to hear that she comfortable and she is surrounded by loved ones.

    Please give my heart felt best wishes to your Juliet, take care Lorraine xxx

  • Thank you for updating us. It’s comforting for your mum and you all to know that she is being cared for and surrounded by a loving family. Wishing you many special moments in this precious time together xo

  • ❤️ Xx

  • Sending your Mam lots and lots of lovely hugs. ❤️💕🤗

  • Dear Steph

    Thank you for posting again as I only succeeded in posting to Ovacare yesterday and I’m aware she has many followers beyond Ireland . I was and still am devastated with her news . We have met each time at coffee mornings and patient days and her concern was always for the other person. She has been a huge support to me in my recent diagnosis and I had so many encouraging words of advice from her that kept me going through the darkest times. She is a very special lady. Please let her know that she continues to be in my thoughts and prayers as will you and the whole family . Love and God bless you all.


  • Sending love and hugs to your Mum and your family. Kim xx

  • Sending you all warm wishes and hoping you have some special moments together over Christmas. Knowing we are loved is the most precious thing and your mam has this gift in spades.

    Xxxx Netti xx

  • Hi Steph, I know how tough this is for you to watch your mum going through this. And I also know how hard it must be for your mum as she loves you so much,

    I hope she is resting enough and that you have many more months to spend together and share your family. You sound a wonderful family and are so lucky to have each other.

    Thank you for letting us know. Much love to you both. Nicky xx

  • Hello Steph,

    I have PM your mum on Ovacare but I just wanted to send you all my love. I have met your lovely amazing mum a few times at coffee mornings and patient days and I am very sad to hear she is so poorly. I hope you are all able to have a lovely Christmas and please give your mum a big hug from me!


  • Sending so much love to all of you, and especially your mum. ❤️❤️❤️Michelle xx

  • Hi Steph, thank you for sharing with us on behalf of your mum, I hope you are all able to spend some nice time together over the coming weeks and that she remains as comfortable and pain free as possible. Your mum has our continued love and support as do you all. ❤️Xx Jane

  • Hi Steph - I'm your mum's 'Scottish penfriend' and as you know Juliet and I have been messaging for a while, including her recent very difficult weeks. You, Tom and your family are such an enormous support to her. This must be very hard for you too - I went through it with my own mum. Enjoy the special moments with her, and I hope she is comfortable. I'll keep on messaging! Much love, Christine x

  • Sending you love and prayers and I hope your mum remains comfortable and you can have some precious time together .

    Love Kim x💜

  • Thank you for posting this. Please thank your lovely mum for her contributions to the forum and pass on our love and best wishes.

  • Steph thanks for letting us all know about your mam. She sounds like she is at peace with herself. I hope you and family are able to enjoy Christmas and have more precious time with your mam.

  • Sending you lots of love.

    Hope you have a lovely Xmas with your Mum .


  • Sending hugs to you all 💗

  • Steph I'm so sorry to hear this update about your wonderful Mum. She is very much in my thoughts and prayers as are you all. Jemima xx

  • Very sad to hear this. All my thoughts and prayers are with your mum. Xx

  • Thinking of your Mum and hoping that she is comfortable xxx

  • Hi Steph,

    Love to you all, glad mum is comfortable, just want to say cherish every moment all of you, have fun, have lots of talks about memories, laugh and make the most of every day, we will all be thinking of you,

    Lots of love,

    Carole xxx

  • Ah my heart goes out to you all. Hope you are all cocooned in love and excellent care. xx

  • Hi Steph, I met yr mum at the last coffee morning in Dublin she was looking forward to the holiday I am very sad at the news. She is in my prayers and cherish your time with her. Give her my best. Julia

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