Update on Gill...Our very own inspirational woman

I am sure by now, you are all aware of the result of the Lorraine Show's Inspirational Woman of the Year Award. Unfortunately Gill wasn't awarded the 'trophy' but she undoubtedly came away from London as a winner! I have just come off the phone to her and she is not in the least disappointed as she met so many wonderful and inspirational women. I have no doubt she will post herself soon but she has to get back to the grind and see her doctors for now. She tells me she enjoyed every minute of her day and despite being poorly is glad she was able to attend... she did so to represent every single one of you.

I am sure, you would all join me in thanking her for her tremendous effort and dedication to raising awareness of this awful disease. She will always be an inspiration to us all.

Thank you on behalf of gillharlerfund.org/About-Gi... for your support and votes. Love to you all, Andy X

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  • Thanks for the update. Gill is a winner in our eyes! I'm so glad she was able to attend and enjoy the whole experience. xx

  • Gill does not need a trophy to be a winner, as Katmal said she is a winner already in our eyes, and also in the eyes for all the women herself and Andy are making more aware of OC by spreading the word in the great work they are doing . I hope everything goes well with the doctor and rest up for the next few days. Kittie

  • I think what Gill has done is amazing. The fact she reached so many people by being successful in her nomination for this award - out of over 300 people! - is in itself fantastic. I'm glad she was able to experience the time at the awards etc and can now rest a bit.

    I also understand that Lorraine will be focusing on ovarian and cervical cancer in the coming year so that is a real result. Well done Gill. Well done all of us for hanging in, getting on and making it day after day.


  • I agree Gill is our winner and that is what counts. I hope she can get her medical issues resolved but in the meantime a big thank you from me to her.

  • Hi Andy, yes Gilly is a winner, I am very proud of her. She sent me a box of her hand bag cards they are so well designed & I love the colour. To do this project when you are going through this dreadfull illness is amazing! I hope she has recovered from her trip. Cindyxx

  • She's simply amazing! x

  • Thanks for the update, Andy! Congratulations to Gill for undoubtedly being our winner and an inspiration to surely every woman xx

  • Congratulations to Gill for getting that far .

    Well done. Take care xxx

  • Gill is an amazing lady and has raised the awareness of this horrible disease. Thank you for representing us all at a difficult time for herself. She is a winner and I am so glad she got to go to London and have that experience. I wish her well and hope the doctors help her to feel better. Xxxx

  • Gill will always be the winner for us ladies & gents.

    Ellsey xx

  • Yes Gill is an amazing lady and so pleased she was able to get to London and enjoy the day with other inspirational ladies. Like myself, I'm sure everybody on this site are so pleased that she has been able to highlight OC and that this will continue next year with Lorraine focussing on OC through the year - what a feat Gill has performed!! Brilliant!!

  • So in awe of what Gill has done, and very glad she made it to London and enjoyed her day! well done to her and to you Andy for all you have done to get the message out there and save lives.

    Madeline x

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