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Did any of you see the lovely tribute to Jill on Lorainne this morning.

Jill did so much to raise OC and her daughter is continuing.

There is now a charity in her name and if you log on to ITV you can get information and the purse size leaflets she designed.

A lady from Glasgow was also on the programme stating that it was due to Jill that she was diagnosed .

Take care all you lovely people xxx

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I did see it and it was very touching.I still think of her when I see her card in my purse,she was inspirational.

Nice that her daughter,Dr Hilary and Lorraine are still helping with the campaign,

Carole xxx


It was quite weird today because a girl who works in a boutique recognised me from an OC awareness video I did for NHS two years ago.

Take care xxx


Oh I didn’t see it but yes Gill was an amazing lady and I got some of her purse sized OC symptom cards and took them into my local surgery. She did so much to raise awareness even when she was very poorly herself and so glad her good work is carrying on. I’ll try and watch on catchup if it’s there.

Thanks for the post

Madeline xx


She was indeed a fantastic ambassador for OC.

Take care xxx


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