pain caused by ovarian cysts

I am 27 years old. I gave birth to my youngest 8 months ago. I have not stopped bleeding since he has been born. I never had this issue with the others. I have been on the depo shot following his birth and it still hasn't stopped the bleeding. I am in pain constantly. i have bad period cramps all the times and more recently I have been getting severe pain in both hope, thighs and legs. after an ultra sound last week I have been told i have cysts on my left ovary. I am looking for some advice. do my symptoms sound normal for cysts? my doctor has been giving me strong painkillers which do help but only for a short time. if anyone else has experience with this I would really appreciate your advice

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  • I had severe pain with my cysts only when they were inflamed or there was infection around the cysts. Have they checked blood work to make sure you don't have a infection?

  • they took some bloods on Friday, I was suppose to have them done in June but somehow they missed the note?

  • I have had several things get missed. Happens sometimes even though that really sucks. Maybe the blood work will help shed some light on what is going on

  • Hi, Sarahlen, I've not had this problem after my four babies so have no advice but just want to wish you well and hope things improve soon. Make sure you're getting as much rest as possible!! Solange xx😊

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