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Ovarian cysts

Hi I'm new to this ill start of with introducing myself I'm 23 and mother of 3 I have been really sick for the last 12 months with all kins of symptoms but the main problem is my abdomen I have recently had an ultrasound and confirmed ovarian cysts on both sides but one large on the right side and go has referred me to cancer unit for further supports is there anyone who can give me any advice on what to expect when I go as I'm so nervous of what they mind find


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Hello. I'm so sorry that you have needed to join us on this site, but you are very welcome and I'm sure you will get masses of good advice and support from some amazing ladies.

As you have been having such problems, your GP is asking for Specialist advice to hopefully rule out anything sinister. You will be subjected to a whole barrage of tests and investigations as the Consultant feels is necessary, and unfortunately this can all take some time. The stress and worry that goes along with this waiting can be almost unbearable, but rest assured that once all investigations are done, you will get some answers. Hopefully, you won't get the news that you are dreading, but if the worst should happen, believe it or not, its sometimes easier to cope with than the not knowing.

Whilst you wait for answers, try and keep positive (easier said than done), and focus on all that's important, like your beautiful children. Hopefully, you will get good news and some effective treatment which will make you feel much better in yourself. I will keep everything crossed for you.

Take care. Ali x


Hi, I am so sorry to hear that such a young mother is having to face this, with three young children you should be enjoying.

I hope you have lots of support and I wish you loads of luck that it turns out for the best and you can say bye to this site.

Trix. X


Hi, and welcome. I'm sorry that one so young is worried about this disease. I understand though that a lot of young women get Ovarian cysts that com and go throughout their child bearing years and are not sinister so hopefully that will be the case for you. Your GP was right to refer you and if things do turn out to be something more than the above I pray that this will have been caught early for you. I do hope you have someone to support you and your 3 young children through this. Good luck. Ann x


Thanks ladies its really nice to have some support and someone to speak to as I feel lost with the whole situation worrying sick about what it would be and all my symptoms are getting a lot worse but there's nothing I can do until I see the specialist this week but thank you all for you thoughts and advice it's really nice knowing I'm not the only one going through such a horrible time

Thanks emma


Hello Emma,

Like you I find myself waiting to see a consultant about a complex mass found on my left ovary. And like you I am terrified what they will find. I am a single mum of a 17yr old daughter who suffers from anxiety and depression.

All sorts of senario's are going through my mind and have not slept well since my GP told me I was being referred on a two week wait appointment( which is for suspected cancer) My appointment is on 12 august, when is yours?

Maybe if you feel it may be helpful, we can follow each others journey into this frightening world of scans, surgery and possibilities ?

The support on this site is amazing as I have not told any family as yet. Why worry them until I know whats going on.

Take care and hope we both have some good news to share.



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