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6 months post-chemo

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Hair growing back CURLY - it was long, straight and dark! Periferal neuropathy GONE - I can feel the strings again, and I don't get blood blisters the instant I try. My post-operative and chemo addled brain meant I had to learn to play again, AND learn all our songs, all over again - but I did it. Achieved my dearest goal - here I am, about to go back on stage on Saturday night after a year of living in a nightmare world since finding a lump in July last year. Still awaiting my 6-month CA-125 result...

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You go girl and do your thing! Well done and keep going...

All my love

Nicky xx

Who-ho! Look at you. So lovely to hear that you have lovely hair now. It looks great. Best bit is that the neuropathy has gone. I got it badly two days after lst chemo. Hospitalised on day 4 for 6 days. Still can't use hands very well and shuffle along like an old woman. (yes but, no but, I am an old woman). Tell me please how you got rid of your neuropathy. I'm taking Whey protein, glutamine and alpha lipoic acid on the recommendations of the girls on the forum. It is bad because I have MS and no-one bothered to remember that when they fixed my recipe for chemo.

And, don't even mention the chemo brain. I've almost forgotten who I am and now carry a notebook 24/7 to write things down as I think of them as they are gone in a few seconds. I sometimes forget where I've left the notebook though. There is no hope...... :-)

Hope your gig goes/went well for you. Don't suppose you can post a video somewhere?

Kryssy xx

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Kryssy, the creeping neuropathy scared me, it got worse with every chemo. In the end I talked with the consultant who asked was bass playing my livelihood, to which I answered that it wasn't, but that wasn't the point - I was afraid I'd never be able to play again. So he recommended the dose of taxol be lowered, and it started to improve - though my toes stayed numb a lot longer than my fingers! I eat brazil nuts with my breakfast oats every day - I always have - which are a great source of magnesium. Maybe that helped. I feel very lucky. Having to find a new job - I got made redundant just after I got back to work - made me sharpen up my brain - I really didn't feel 100% till I started back at work, in one of those quirks of irony. I still tire earlier in the evening than I used to... but I revel in feeling "normal". :-) Hope your symptoms ease up. xxx

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That's good news. I'm seeing a neurologist now as I've had an unusual and severe reaction so soon after the first chemo. Onward and upward. xx

Fantastic. Great to hear good news. 🌼🌻🌺🌸🌹🌷

Go girl!



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Rock on!!!! Love to hear success stories and yours is one. So encouraging! Let your light shine and share it with the world!

I was hoping for dark curly hair after chemo. It came back straight & grey. Glad yours has come back so nice, & that you are also able to play again. Good luck. Di

I was thrilled too that my hair came back brown and curly especially as I am over 70 - always been completely straight before. However back on chemo and losing it all again but I have a brilliant new wig - didn't wear one last time as just too ill to bother and turbans were fine.

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