Post chemo bloating?

Hello everyone. I just wanted to ask whether anyone has had bloating 7 weeks after finishing chemo. I have a tight feeling in my tummy and look as though I am about 6 months pregnant!

My concern is that it might mean the cancer is already back as my original tumour grew from the size of a grapefruit to a large melon in just 2 months before my op in October, so I know it is a fast growing type.

Any thoughts much appreciated.

Best wishes to you all and thanks in advance for your help,


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  • Sorry I can't share any experiences, just wanted tyou to know I'd read your post, hopefully you'll get a better response from someone else. However I'd ring and speak with your doctor if oncologist to have a chat and put your mind at rest at least

    Clare x

  • Hi Barlow1951

    Did you have surgery too? I was swollen up for what seemed like ages after surgery and had a kind of tight feeling in my abdo but scan was clear. Best checked out though..give your CNS a call?

    Best wishes

    Lyndall xx

  • Hi Barbara,

    My mum post op, probably similar time maybe 5-7 weeks after, had a bloated tummy and started to have pain, we took her into hospital and it was ascites (fluid of the tummy) they drained it for a few days and it never came back. They said it was because of the op and probably because mum had some lymph nodes removed it was likely to be fluid after that & her body naturally trying to heal. I think it's quite common after the ops to get ascites and it goes once drained, I read up loads about it at the time and found lots of similar posts. Might be worth checking that out with your onc or popping to the hospital if you can?

    Good luck xx

  • What is the team that look after you say? How often are you having your chemo? Monthly bi-weekly ; every 21 days? Your oncologist must surely be able to put your mind at rest; It could just be that you ar eating foods that is making you bloated..I ate so much salads during my chemo that I got so bloated that I too looked pregnant..but my Macmillan nurse put my mind at rest and mentioned it to my doc and we had a an extra meeting between my chemo to check it out....I'm sure your'e ok....Speak to your team..ASAP......

  • Hi Barbara, I would definitely contact your CNS, to see someone about it. I'm expanding at the end of my chemo, at the moment, and also don't know if it's fat or ascites. I'll be having a scan, in July, to see how effective the chemo has been. I'm sure you must be due a scan and appointment, soon?

  • I hope you sort this soonest. Had no idea ascites could return after surgery. Another thing to worry about as I am having surgery in a couple of weeks. Take care. Jeanne xxx

  • hi get it checked but it could be 'hysterbelly'.I have totally changed shape since my op and my doctor said it is where they have cut through my stomach muscles.

    There are numerous websites dedicated to shape change after hysterectomies.

  • I have bloating shortly after chemo for a few days, and going to the loo more than usual in the mornings. But not for so long after (I hope, had last one a couple of weeks ago and it's usually gone by day 21). It's probably fine but do phone your team and get it checked out. If it's ascites it may need to be drained.

  • Yes! About seven weeks out and my abdomen is tight, bloated and gassy. I too was concerned but my scans show no evidence of disease. My Onc says it it normal and that I need to give my body time to readjust. Hope you feel better. Let me know how it goes.

  • I think you should contact your CNS. Good luck. Ann x

  • Thanks ladies for your helpful responses to my query. I have been away for a few days but will contact my CNS next week. It is probably delayed reaction to surgery or chemo but I will still check it out. I am reassured to know that others have had a similar experience.

    Best wishes to you all,


  • My mum had tightness in her abdominal area (particularly upper abdomen) and when we asked the oncologist, he said that it is a good sign that the chemo is working. He didn't say why though.

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