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9 months post chemo

Hello, I have not posted for a while. I am better to compare with this time last year and look better but actually I still get tired and have dull aches in legs from time to time and occasionally get breathless. My white blood count is low and platelets are around 75 but this is because of the liver I am told. Has anyone else felt the same after this amount of time?

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Hi there, I would speak to your gp if I were you, he may prescribe iron for the red cells, not sure what he might do to bring the white cells up but no harm at all to see what your options are.


I finished chemo last April and continue to feel tired especially at weekends after a busy week. I was anaemic and on iron tablets which solved the problem, so definitely worth going to your GP to get a blood test.

Hope you soon feel better,



Hi, I finished second line chemo in August 16. Its only been since early January that I am feeling better however if I do too much, I find I am exhausted. Today for example I was in my daughters painting primer onto her hasllway woodwork and new staircase. I was home by 2.30pm but I am completely exhausted so I have been lying on the sofa. The problem is I just need to learn to pace myself lol. I know it will get better with time but sometimes I am just impatient!

I had blood tests in November so my bloods must have been OK as was never told otherwise.

Hope you will continue to recover, like I know I will. Ann xx


Thanks. I suppose I am expecting too much. Today my blood test for my thyroid came back and the thyroid is low so that might explain why I am tired. I too get impatient and would like to return to work but still not ready. Good luck to you too. xx

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It certainly isn't going to help. I was diagnosed under-active thyroid after GP visit because of tiredness, mainly, long before cancer diagnosis. Hopefully the pills will make a difference.x


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