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Another 6 months


I’ve pondered at length about sharing this as many of our lovelies here are struggling and especially after hearing the sad news about Angela today but I hope this gives some people a little hope, I’ve been to Christies today, I saw the Prof who was thrilled to tell me my CA125 was 5, all the bloods were normal and that I don’t need to go back again until August and this will take me to 5 years clear from diagnosis fingers crossed.

I hope you’re all as well as you possibly can be lovelies ❤️Xx Jane

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Great news Jane. Fantastic. xx

That’s so fantastic Jane, well done. We all need to hear this news!! Keep up the good work lovely 💗. Hugs Marian xxxx

Fantastic news 💜

Hope you’re celebrating 🥂

Love and best wishes Kim x

That’s brilliant news 🎉🎉🎉

Brilliant! Hope to join you in a year, you need to do something to celebrate

Carole xx

So happy for you Jane xxx

I needed this today. All the best on this journey, we have to remain positive and strong. Long May it continue for you

Brilliant news, so glad for you x

Absolutey right to share, Jane...keeping the balance helps us all. Thanks for not being 'put off'; sadness and joy can be good partners. Warmest wishes, L

Well done fantastic news gives me hope that l will join you in three years time!

Great news Jane. It's good to hear positive stories. So sad about Angela though. I'd been in touch with her for a good few years. Mum is due to see the onc on Tue but has been stable since July 2017. Long may it last!! Jane XX

Inspirational! Thank you!!

Thanks for posting Jane , I needed to hear this , having a bit of a wobbler this week . I’m with the professor too , he is so lovely. Wishing you all the very best of luck . Hope you are celebrating 🌸🌸🌸🍾🍾 .

Love Sheila xx

Hi Jane, Every single one of us is looking for good news. Do not hesitate for one moment to share yours. I need to hear of your recovery so I can continue to hope for my own. Thank you again.

That is such amazing and welcome news.

Thank you for lifting our spirits during this especially difficult and sad time.

Keep well,


Wonderful news! So happy to hear this 😊💕

xx Gina

What lovely news. I don’t think anyone should ever worry about sharing happy news, it’s not the doom and gloom club but the support group. Like a marriage the good with the bad.

Enjoy the elation it brings you along with a large glass of alcohol 🍷

LA xx

Wonderful news!

I really really want to use the word 'fantastic' but it's already been mentioned, heh. So I'll just say: How awesome is that, Jane?

To many more years. Xx. Maus

That’s amazing, Jane! I hope you have celebrated the good news xxx

Great news. Keep on trucking.


Brilliant news, 5 years is amazing !

Brilliant news x

This is fantastic news !!!!!! So so happy for you xxxxxxxxxxx big hugs xxx

Great news ! Xx

Fantastic news - so pleased for you. Xx 💃

Absolutely brilliant news. We so need to hear positive posts, they give us hope and boost our morale.

Stay happy and healthy Jane.

Joy xxxx

Wonderful news, Jane. Long may it remain like this! xx

Fantastic news. Five years nearly. 🍾🍾

That’s wonderful news, so pleased for you xxx 💕

When we hear the sad news another has gained their teal wings, it has an obvious sad veil across us. So good positive news has to be shared to show there are others striding on ahead of us, giving positive hope for our futures.

Celebrate every clear appointment and enjoy life. I for one will be following on behind hoping to follow your clear path for years to come.

Julie xx

That’s fantastic news, congratulations Jane, so pleased for you. 🌺🌼🌸🌻🌹

Fantastic news long may it continue x

Great news

Love Claire xx

Fantastic news - great to hear this xxx Sundra

SO pleased to hear this news Jane! 🥂☀️🎉

Really great news xxx

So pleased for you, need these posts xxx

Jane that’s wonderful news, there is nothing like it to lift the spirit! ❤️👍😁

SO happy for you Jane and congratulations on the 5 years! Must feel so great! Love the good news posts--helps know there are good stories out there too. oxoxxo

Jane when I was struggling last year hearing positive posts always cheered me,

congratulations and you keep going.

Ellsey xx

Great news and please don't feel bad about sharing it with us. We all need happy stories no matter how we are feeling on the day. Gina

Never be sorry about leaving good news - we need the good to counteract the bad and to give us all hope. Well done you and long may it continue xxxx

Whooooooo Hoooooo! Jane, NEVER feel we don't want to hear encouraging and great news! It gives us hope that this disease can be successfully managed and maybe eradicated. It also gives us the nice feeling of being able to follow a journey and send warm congrats to anyone reaching milestones. I was just counting my time since diagnoses and last treatment and silently pat my back for the progress I have made. You get to do that 100 fold. My birthday is in August (4) and I can't wait to read your 5 year post!!!! Hugs, Jill

Fantastic news!! Congratulations !! Hearing this news gives me hope as I am sitting having my chemo right now, but today is a short one with only 1 drug only here for bout 2hrs compared to 8 .. enjoy your healthy time .. hugs Sue

Wonderful news!!! Enjoy and God Bless!



Great news from our lovely Prof. Gwen xx

Another great bit of news. Really happy for you..

Wow! That's fantastic news! So pleased for you.

Lou xxxx

Amazing and wonderful news Jane, you must be delighted and relieved and I’m so happy for you!! I love these positive stories and it gives us all so much hope!!

Keep smiling and living your best life, enjoy every moment!!

Liz Xx 💖

Amazing, love hearing such good news xxx 🌻

Excellent news! May this post inspire other ladies to keep the focus when times are tough, and to hope for better outcomes.

So happy for you.


As you say good news to balance the sad... fantastic to read and may you go out there and grab the day and celebrate! X

Pleased for you. It’s good to hear of positive news and helps us to keep going in this battle. Well done!

Such positive news ! . Thank you for posting.


Wonderful news!

Amazing news, Jane - many congratulations to you 🍾🎉 long may your remission continue. All good wishes, Mel xx

Amazing 😉

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