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Hi. I am 56. Thanks for letting me join. Have a cyst on one ovary. It was found when I was referred after restarting periods. Bloods came back normal. Had scan, hysteroscopy, biopsy. Some polyps were removed, but a large one will have to be removed under GA. When asked consultant said he had found nothing worrying but now wants me to have MRI. I was a bit anxious after procedure so just wanted to get out so wasn't thinking straight. He said something about MRI giving a better look at cyst. Not sure why it is needed as I only had uterine biopsy and hysteroscopy today and am awaiting results. Anyone got any ideas?

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Hi, after I had an ultrasound where cysts were found I had an MRI to determine exactly what they were looking at. The fact that your bloods come back is good. Sounds like yr Consultant wants to double check. Hes obvioysly being thorough xx


He's probably just being cautious. I wouldn't worry yet. Wait to see what the outcome is. It's better to find our early so a scan is a good thing. We all get anxious and think the worst when we're told things like that. Give Macmillan a ring and they'll give you some good advice.

Best wishes, Zena J


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