Borderline serous tumour...confused

So I had a complex cyst found by accident during sterilisation so I guess you could say I'm lucky. Follow up scan showed 10cm complex cyst, frightened to say the least.

Ca125 was 29. Had laparotomy to remove cyst and biopsy of omentum.

So path results today are borderline serous tumour, biopsy normal and nothing in washings. So they say I'm stage 1a

Now they are sending me for a CT?? I'm so worried they are not telling me everything.

Awaiting hysterectomy now and removal of remaining ovary

Thank you for reading

Sarah xx

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  • CT is to double check that you are all clear, CT results will be looked at in detail by your multi-discipline-team and this is a good thing to have done. It's obviously a worrying time for you however this is quite a normal procedure so try to put that worry behind you - it's normal to be anxious though and it's generally called 'Scanxiety'!!!

    There is a nurse led freephone help line on this site and the number is on the home page so please ring the nurse if you need to talk it over with her.

    Take care

    Clar xx

  • It is normal to have a CT scan after diagnosis.

    Your staging is good so try not too worry too much.

    Good luck and take care x

  • Dear Sarah,

    That's good news. Well, if info about having cancer can be good news at all. Buy stage 1 is very mild. So get rid of it, fight it and enjoy long long years in good health which I wish you from bottom of my heart

    Hugs, xxx


  • Try not to worry too much, the CT is routine to check the results and is a really easy scan to have done. 1a is as good as it gets with OC so do try to take some comfort that you have been found really early and consequently can be treated quickly. Good luck with the scan, do let us know how you get on ❤️Xx

  • 'Borderline' is excellent news. They used to be called tumours of low malignant potential, but the WHO decided that malignant was misleading because so few turned nasty and renamed them as Borderline Ovarian Tumours.

    It still sounds like something you might stray over by mistake but my doctor said that a tumour is either cancer or it isn't and if Borderlines were cancer I'd have an entirely different treatment - and prognosis. They can recur, but, again, usually as Borderlines. And you'll still be under Oncology, because you need a Gyne-Onc to tell the difference.

    I had a 22cm mucinous borderline removed 2 years ago in a full debulking. I'm still being monitored but now only once a year, by ultra-sound. I don't know why you're having a CT scan. Perhaps as a prelim for your upcoming surgery so they can plan what they're doing? Like a map? If you ring your consultant's secretary, there's probably a specialist nurse who will be able to put your mind at rest.

    You've had a nasty shock and it'll take you some time to catch up with yourself. And no one wants more surgery, but I'd have a celebratory drink if I were you.

    Best wishes,


  • Sarah...You are fortunate that everything you record sounds good and , as the others have said, try not to worry as it wont change anything. I was 2c and am doing well after major surgery and now only 2 more chemo sessions. All the help you need is available and you will find the girls on this site to be a loving encouragement. CT scan will reassure you/ Be strong. Jackie

  • Try not to worry as I do think they tell you everything they know.

    I know it's easier said than done. Take one step at a time and keep busy.

    Much love Yasmin x

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