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Hi Ladies I just joined my last year has been rough started falling off balance started loosing weight. Well getting mri for back and spine in march of this year. They found a cyst on ovary suggested follow up on it. My Dr. Sent me for vaginal ultrasound then called my husband and I in said I had complex cyst on right ovary with large nodule inside cyst with vascular flow going through it. and it wasn't good news so while waiting for gynecoligist oncologist appointment which took 6 weeks get into I was terrified. I have lost 35 lbs in 4 months saw gynecoligist/oncologist June ca125 was 52 but wanted to wait and repeat test so I go back july 31 for ultrasound and Aug for ca125 and see her in august I have only right ovary in me and can't eat feel sick and lower pain like crazy I'm 58 añd don't get what we are waiting for thanks for listening

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  • Tired, where are you? Get a second opinion immediately! Don't wait. There are other things that can cause your symptoms. Make a big stink. You need help now!!!

  • In fact, the more I think about you having to wait, the more concerned I get. Are you in US?

  • Having read all you say, all I can think of is to suggest you write all these facts down, make an appointment with your GP and say you need help and support. Very good luck x

  • It sounds like you need to have these tests done earlier, for your peace of mind. So I would not wait. Ring the secretaries or your GP and see if they can fit you in earlier. You need to sometimes push for things and manage your health yourself and waiting for tests is the hard bit. Failing that try and keep busy filling your time with good things and treats and things you enjoy. This will bring positivity into your days and reduce worry. Much love Nicky xx

  • Like the other ladies have said push for earlier appointments, your CA125 isn't excessively high but it's above the 'normal' range and there's a cyst with vascular flow that shouldn't be there that needs sorting. I would suggest speaking to anybody who will listen to get this sorted sooner rather than later. We sometimes need to be really proactive to get results, our health is the most important thing we have and yours is obviously not as it should be. Contact your doctor, like Nicky says write everything down, and try to get earlier appointments. If you don't have success you are entitled to have second opinions. I hope you get some speedy responses here as you are obviously really distressed and you shouldn't have to be. Take care and let us know how you get on. Sending big hugs and lots of love ❤️ xx Jane

  • Hello, I agree with the others that you need a second opinion or a much earlier appointment.

  • Hi, I to would suggest if possible for you to get a second opinion,don't be fobbed off by anyone. You need some answers. Good luck,let us know how you get on.


  • Telsa_7 I live in ontario and am going to Barrie regional cancer Centre to see gynecoligist oncology I have call into them now thanks for replies

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