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Confused after womb biopsy?

I was referred to gynocology after a couple of weeks of light breeding. I am menopausal and not had a period for nearly 3 years- I am 47. Scan revealed small cyst on ovary ( they weren't concerned about this) and womb lining thickening of 7.6mm. Sent for hysteroscopy and biopsy. Extremely painful experience with no anaesthetic. Surgeon said biopsy would probably come back 'inadequate' but that would be a good thing. He said images looked clear. My question is can they tell alone from a hysteroscopy that there is no cancer? And if it isn't cancer what is causing the thickening of lining? Hope someone can help. He said results would just go back to GP so I won t get opportunity to discuss this.

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Hi there and welcome. You said your surgeon had taken a biopsy. I think you'll have to wait for the results. Your GP will be able to discuss the results with you and then re-refer you if you need more treatment. Silly system (the referral and re-referral so you're back and forth) GPs themselves get frustrated about this. Your hospital doctor doesn't seem to be overly concerned so this is a good sign. Although this isn't a uterus site, I think Ovacome may be of help or be able to point you in the direction of it. Why not call Ovacome's nurse led Helpline? The number is

0845 371 0054

Monday - Friday, 10am-4pm.

T xx


Hi Kris,

I would say that you probably have endometriosis... but I am not a medic and like Tina says it is best to give the ovacome helpline a wishes love x G x


I had a hysteroscopy and it was the worst thing i've been through.I can't believe they do this procedure with no anaesthetic. Unfortunately for me the doctor told me, there and then, that there was a "mass" and I had an MRI scan and a CT scan. I was diagnosed in July 2014 with ovarian cancer. After 6 chemos and a hysterectomy I am now back at work and free of cancer. You won't know for certain until you get the results, but the surgeon sounds hopeful. When you go to see your GP have your questions ready. Try not to worry. I hope you get your results soon and its good news. xxxx


Thanks for replies. I m just going to wait now for results. Feel far more optimistic now as I m sure surgeon would have picked up anything suspicious. Only thing I m concerned about is that scan picked up cyst on ovary and thickening of womb lining but surgeon said he couldn't see anything. Just have to wait and see!


Hi there. I just want to advise you that a biopsy result of "inadequate' means that the biopsy sample was not enough to allow a definitive answer. As a medical secretary the surgeon I worked for would have arranged a further biopsy for the patient. Hope your results are good. Ann


This is what I thought so I was confused when he said that would be a good thing and I wouldn't need a follow up? So it sounds like he is happy with the hysteroscopy results but I don't know how a scan can show a ovarian cyst and thickening of the womb lining and 3 days later the hysteroscopy shows nothing?


Please follow up and don't let the Dr. tell you it looks good. Get it confirmed.

I was 52 when I started to get spotting after 2 years of no periods. It then progressed to a constant watery discharge with a tint of blood. My GP did an ultrasound and found a mass by the ovary. Went for a MRI and confirmed a mass on the fallopian tube (7 cm). Referred to a Gynecology Clinic. Had surgery to remove Fallopian tubes & ovaries. Biospy confirmed Cancer - Carincosarcoma..

I'm hopefully if that the Dr. says it sound good BUT don't let it go. Get it checked out until you are totally happy with the answers.

Don't worry but do it checked out.

All my best,



Thank you. I will wait for results and if it does come back as inadequate I will follow up to make sure all is ok.


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