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Hi everyone just wondered how it feels to have fluid in the abdomen? I'm stage 3/c ovarian cancer, last scan was April and it was clear, finished avastin in February on icon 8B trial . Just feel uncomfortable niggling pains around back and midriff, have been told it's probably scar tissue from extensive surgery.But it seems to be getting worse and I look pregnant. Thanks for any advice ladies if you've experienced this yourselves.


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  • Hiya, I had Avastin and did find my surgical site ached a lot when on this. But to get your mind put at ease and to keep you stress free I would go and see your oncologist xx

  • Hi Emalou, thanks for your reply , yes think your right probably best to see my oncologist . Although as you probably know yourself, it's very difficult to not stress how ever much we try 😕. Hope your doing well and feeling ok😊 Mx

  • MJB49, get that bloating checked out by your doctor. That is not to be expected. While it MAY not be anything to worry about, it is very important to rule out other possibilities. If you look pregnant, I don't think that is simple indigestion.

  • Hi Tesla, yes I know your right and I must get checked out. Sometimes after years of treatment you just want to forget about this disease, although obviously that's not the best thing to do.

    Thanks for your reply. Hope you're doing well mx

  • Hi Maggie

    I don't want to cause you unnecessary concern. However, I was told that I looked pregnant when I was bloated. I think it's worth getting it checked out.

    It could be something else too. I was told at one point post op that I could just as easily still get tummy ache, get IBS (which can cause bloating), etc. But bloating is the one of the first symptoms my oncologist looks for. So you should always check it out with your oncologist.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Katfish , thanks for your reply. Yes know your right and I will have to get checked out, hopefully it's just IBS which would be good news🙂 Hope you're doing well mx

  • Hi Maggie I'm waiting to go in for my primary surgery tomorrow but developed ascites quite rapidly and had 6litres drained about 10days ago. I looked like I was full term pregnant, couldn't eat and it was so uncomfortable I couldn't sleep or take a deep breath x I had to borrow other clothes from friends and family as nothing fitted me! I'm hoping my surgery tomorrow alleviated this as my fluid is building up again x

    If I were you I'd contact your CNS and ask for an ultrasound scan to see if it is fluid build up as it's not pleasant when it gets too much xx

    Hope you get sorted and comfortable again xx


  • Hi Bev, hope you're feeling ok after your surgery and everything went well. Six ltrs is a lot of fluid to have drained off you must of felt so much better after they'd done it, thanks for reply I will definitely get myself checked out. Wishing you good luck that they've sorted things for you mx 🙂

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