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Your bloating experiences

Hi ladies, I was wondering what experience you had with bloating?

Where abouts in your abdomen did you feel bloated?

And was it persistent? If so (or not) did it get even worse with food and drink intake at all?

I have persistent bloating but it is made even worse when eating - nausea and burping. And this has been going on for a long time now. I have a Doctors appointment on Thursday and I'm nervous about being told it is just gastro problems when it doesn't feel that way. I have this feeling of pressure in my abdomen which is not the same but reminiscent of when I had gallbladder problems before I had it taken out.

I only eat really small portions before I am extremely full and uncomfortable, I feel like a balloon. When I press my abdomen it is so uncomfortable - is that normal? I have back pain but it's localised to a spot in my middle back on the right hand side, just under my rib cage at the back. I don't think this counts as lower back pain. I also have a lot of more general back pain and neck pain when I do activities like cooking or walking. I'm very tired about 2/3rds of the time. I have been on a diet for 2 years now at least and feel like I am only gaining weight if anything. I genuinely eat about 1200 calories a day. I have had my thyroid checked but they only checked one of the hormones rather than all 3. I have stabbing pains in my abdomen regularly and pain with BMs. I am worried it is something sinister like ovarian cancer or endometriosis and once you start thinking it you can't stop! But my greatest worry in the next few days is that I won't be taken seriously at the Doctors as I am only 26.

Thanks so much for your answers!

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Hello .. It may seem obvious, but I think you need to give your post to a doctor who can filter what's going on. Also, you can follow Ovacome's symptom tracker and print that off. Xxx


Sorry for your symptoms. It seems you have a lot going on! When you go to docs take a concise list and share your worries with him/her.i am sure he will take everything on board, and get you to the specialist who will be able to help. Please let us know how it goes. Hope it all goes well. Oh yes if your symptoms persist keep doc informed be persistent! Doctors do have a duty of care. It could be nothing but you know your body better than anyone x


Hope you get sorted soon. You have some good advice above. Armed with all the info you have already listed above and symptom checker, I am sure you will be taken seriously. Do remember that ovarian cancer is pretty rare and the chances are that your symptoms can be caused by other things. You are right to check it out as soon as possible though.

Try not to worry. (Easier said than done!) A day that is lost to worry is one wasted. You are taking action to get the problem sorted, so shrink the worry, put it to the back of your mind until you need put that energy into action.

My bloating wasn't as you describe but I seem to have different symptoms to everyone else!

Hope you get relief from your symptoms soon. Take care and let us know how you've gone on.


Thank you everyone :) . I know it is probably nothing, but when you are looking for solutions to stop persistent bloating and all these links come up about ovarian cancer it is worrying! I know I am young though and it's unlikely. That's why I was wondering if my persistent bloating was actually the same.

You're all very supportive even of someone who probably isn't going through what you are so thank you for that xx


hello, I am worrying the same as you are, however in the past I've also had PCOS and it also caused 24/7 bloating and pelvic pain as it's not necessarily something really bad ..I am now having new symptoms and worrying about OVCA


Hi Maryjane. I've wondered about PCOS too because of weight gain but not sure I have other symptoms. When did you get diagnosed with PCOS?

Are you booked in to see someone? I hate the doctors but I am sure it will stop me thinking about it as much afterwards xx


Your best bet is to wait until you see your Doctor. He or she should organise a CT scan from neck to pelvis and this will show whats going on. I presume they will but if not ask for it. Good luck. Maria x


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