Chemo 2

I went for my second chemo treatment on the 6 July and all went well. All was okay until the dreaded day 4 and the stomach gripes started again only this time they didn't let up and I felt rubbish. By day 7 , I had an elevated temperature of 38.6 so off we went to a & e. Well to cut a long story short my bowel had perforated so I had to have an emergency op to save my life. I now also have the added joy of a stoma. Plus still very poorly in hospital, have sepsis. Disappointed and despondent .............

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  • Oh bless you, what a lousy time you're having, I'm not surprised you're disappointed and despondent, I'm so relieved you went to A&E when you did and you're still here with us to tell the tale. I hope things improve for you very soon and you start to feel much better. Sending you lots of very gentle hugs and love ❤️ xx jane

  • Thank goodness your pains were so bad that they took you to a and e. A life saver indeed. I had a stoma which I hated but managed really well. Thankfully it was reversed after 10 months. Hope your feeling better soon and home where you belong.

  • Sadly I've been told mine will be permanent but there wasn't much choice, I wouldn't have been here otherwise. Glad you managed to have yours reversed. I can't even look at mine at the moment.

  • I am so sorry to read this. I woke up from my debulking with an unexpected stoma and developed sepsis a couple of days later. The iv antibiotics soon dealt with the sepsis - I didn't really notice that I had it as it was dealt with so swiftly. The stoma took a bit longer but, once the stoma nurse had identified the right equipment for me, I gradually got used to it and now it is little more than a nuiscance. Having a stoma cam help during chemo as you will not get constipation. I have been surprised by the number of people that I have met who have stomas that I didn't know about before. At first it seemed as though there was nothing that I was allowed ti eat but now I eat most things, including fruit and veg skins and pips, but have kept away from dried fruit, sweetcorn and mushrooms. Wishing you good luck with the rest if your chemo.

  • Thanks for your reply. It's nice to know people do cope and I aam sure I will butvas you say it takes time.

  • In the early days my hands were shaking but now I am confident that I can cope. The stoma supplies are delivered discreetly to your home and you telephone a lovely lady to order what you need-the stoma nurse does it for you to begin with. There are online groups with lots of help and advice. The best advice that I had was to change the bag first thing in the morning before breakfast.

  • Thank you for that, I will remember that one.

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