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I'm new. Has anyone been diagnosed with endometrial cancer in peritoneal cavity?

In October 2016 I had a complete hysterectomy and the pathology revealed that I had stage 1, grade 1 endometrial cancer. A month later I had a CT scan and PET scan that revealed that I had seeding in my peritoneal cavity and a tumour on my vaginal vault. I just received my 6th IV chemotherapy treatment of carboplatin-taxel and will have another scan this month to assess my progress. After three treatments, a CT scan showed that some tumours had disappeared and the remaining tumours had shrunk.

The plan is for me to take Letrozole to inhibit estrogen production and hopefully postpone recurrences.

Does anyone else have this type of cancer? I am particularly interested in different treatment plans that lead to better outcomes.

Thank you for sharing your stories. They are very inspiring.

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I'm so sorry to hear this Hun but that is brilliant news the chemotherapy is working and I will pray for you. Just thought I would drop by although I'm not much help and send a hug at this hard time xxx


Thank you Stacey. Prayer and hugs are always appreciated.


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