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Hi all

Sorry for writing this because I know so many are facing far worse issues at the moment.

My CA125 settled at 8 after first line chemo (carbo/taxol), and has stayed there for 2 months. I'm happily settling into remission with Avastin, but today my CA125 has come back as 9. I have had a hacking cough/virus but I'm panicked that this is the start of it all again. I know it's only 1 point but I'm feeling sick with worry. Has this happened to anyone else? And she f so has it gone down again?

Thanks in advance

Marian xx

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Mine has resolutely refused to go under 10 so your 8 is great. It can rise due to infections etc so I doubt such a small rise is at all sinister.


MH500 in reply to Emsymits

Thank you Emmy. I know I'm being a wimp but after everything that's been endured over the last 9-10 months you would just do anything for some peace of mind.... even just for a while

Hope you are ok

Marian x


my ca125, jumped from 500 tp 1250 in 3 weeks, then went back down to 600 3 weeks later, I had a scan and it showed ned, so I am carrying on with my 3 weekly avastin. onc said it was probably a virus that caused it, I did have a bad cough at the time of the blood test which showed 1250. hope this helps. Jeanette

MH500 in reply to Hidden

Wow Jeanette, that's amazing!!! I wouldn't have thought that possible, just shows...

I'm going to hope it's the cough/chest virus that's caused this blip. Oh for the days without constant worrying.

Hope all is well with you

Marian x

rijkje in reply to Hidden

Hi Jeanette. Did you do anything else other than 3 weekly avastin? I just finished 2nd line chemo and am on 3 weekly avastin but CA125 has gone up from 35 to 46 and now 86. Never managed to get the CA125 lower than 35 after the first recurrence. After firts line treatment it was 8 but had recurrence after 11 months. Getting concerned.

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Hi jijkje, my ca125 never went below 135 after first recurrence, last blood test showed it to be 1350, waiting for scan then results on Thursday, I am trying to stay positive as when it did this a couple of months ago, scan showed ned, and ca125 went back down. Hoping that will be the case this time, I am still on Avastin every 3 weeks, I finished chemo last August., Try not to worry, as it wont change the outcome, and you need all your strenghth and positivity to knock his beast out of the ball park!! xxx Jeanette

rijkje in reply to Hidden

Hi jeanette. I'm generally a positive person but it gets hard if you're constantly being knocked back whilst you're thinking you doing well. Recently started meditating which seems to help. Anyway you have given me some hope again, thank you.

Hi Marian, a jump of a point or two is really nothing to worry about. I am still having treatment (Avastin) and find that my CA125 regularly dips and then goes up slightly again. If there was anything to be concerned about, the number would be doubling and then trebling.


Do try not to worry Marian, I felt the same during remission, but my oncologist said at those low levels you can get variation in testing anyway (i.e. the lab could test your sample in two halves and get 7 with one and 8 with the other). Mine bobbled around 7 and 8 for a year. When I did relapse it suddenly went up to 53, then next time over 100. After I relapsed I wished I hadn't wasted the good times worrying! Spes x

Yes please don't waste the good times worrying, I did as mine inched up but I was fine. Different labs get different test results and two samples taken the same day could come back slightly different. Your CA125 is perfect, please enjoy it😊

I wouldn't worry about 1 point, especially as you have a cough, as infection can cause a rise. Di

Hi everybody, just reading this thread and I happen to notice you discussing ca-125.

I had a cyst detected in my right ovary that is 36mm in size and is yet to be diagnosed.

They tested my turmour markers which included my ca-125 and that came back with a reading of 34, should I be worried or conceded?

I'm 22 years old and freaking out.

I don't know if 34 is to high for my age? I don't get to see my gyne until 6 weeks time, should I make an advanced appointment. Slightly anxious

Crystalee in reply to Crystalee

Does this mean it's cancerous? I'm really stressing out and so anxious!!

After my chemo treatments my CT125 jumped around a bit for a couple months then started to go down again and has settled at the same number for last couple months. My Dr says it is not unusual for the numbers to move. You have a really low number, which is good. I bet you just have contacted a virus and your immune system is not strong enough to fight it off easily.

A lab friend told me a movement of 1 is just a variation in the lab testing. When mine was at its lowest it went up and down by 1 every three weeks. When it started rising it was 3 at a time.

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