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Hi Ladies - I had my first 3-month check this week after being told I was NED 3 months ago. My CA125 was 5 back then - this week it's 4 - I'm overwhelmed this has dropped one digit without treatment. I was 3C in Jan 2015 and CA was 700, I had debulking surgery in Dec 2015 followed by 6 rounds of carbo/taxol with 18 rounds of Avastin... long may all this continue. I wanted to share as at the beginning of my diagnosis I was totally devastated as we all know this feeling. The journey is so hard and so full of emotions but I got there. I wish you all well my friends and take care. Love Michelle xx

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Hi Michelle, excellent news, thank you for sharing this you must be totally thrilled, it gives such hope for all the lovely ladies here who are currently having treatment. Long may your good news continue and long may you stay well. Big congrats hugs ❤️Xx Jane

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Thank you Jane.. just enjoying life immensely with my family and friends... life is so very precious. Hope s is well with you. Love Michelle xx


Hi Michelle, that's wonderful news! I too had Ca 125 of 4 after my CT scan result a few days ago. I was also diagnosed 3c and high grade. September 2016 but I'm now NED but continue with the avastin. So I'm fine with that.. It gives me muscle and joint ache but that's a very small price to pay as long as I'm free of the beast! I'm praying it will continue to be like this for a very very long time. Congrats to you and just concentrate on eating healthy foods. I don't know if you like the idea of drinking freshly squeezed lemons with chopped ginger and honey just pour boiling water into it. I swear this helps me with my immune system. I heard ginger is very good if you have OC. Take care and enjoy the sun.. Xxx


Hi Luchie Congratulations to you too! I've not heard or tried your recommendation but certainly adding to my shopping list today! I suffered terribly with Avastin the stomach cramps were awful.. do you take Buscopan for them? Does really help. I still have hives around my neck from Avastin, my Onc said to not sit in the sun and use Factor 50... I'm off to Cyprus next Sat.. a week in the shade it is!! A small price to pay. Have a great weekend xx


Hi Michelle,

Once again congratulations on your wonderful news and hope you are having lots of cuddles with that new baby❤️

Have a lovely holiday,I am off to Majorca on the 28thand am looking forward to it,

Still no sign of my phone!


Lots of love,



Michelle, your situation is very similar to my wife Gauris. She too was PPC 3C at diagnosis. She had her surgery in Dec 2015 followed by six rounds of carboplatin and paclitaxel. Chemo completed by May 2016. Didn't opt for Avastin. In complete remission since then and we are presently holidaying in Canada.

Congratulations Michelle and Keep The Faith.

Btw, any more biking expeditions?


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Great news - and long may it last!! 😊 Xx


Woohoo Michelle!

Onwards and Upwards!!



Brilliant news have a great holiday

LA xx


What fantastic news michelle, long may it last, have a great holiday in or out of the sun 😉

Take care

L x


Excellent news. Long may it last. Xx


Hi Michelle, my name's Liz I was diagnosed with stage 3c clear cell ovarian cancer in April 2014. I underwent 18 rounds of chemo in 14 weeks. Including the stomach wash chemo. I've been cancer free since. The only issue I have is because doc removed 15 lymph nodes one lymph node has been going crazy and I built up fluid in a pocket near my bladder it puts pressure so I get it drained every 2 months. Dr and I are trying to find a way to fix this. So maybe I will undergo surgery. The fluid is lymphatic fluid. No cancer. Thank God. Stay strong and positive thoughts always. Prayers, Liz


Hi Michelle, have been off the forum for a week, so have just seen your good news. Excellent! You will be really able to enjoy your holiday. Re the sun screen cream. I only found out last week when the sun was really fierce, that i should be using high factor cream. Why was i not given info on this? I told the CNS that a do and don't sheet would be really helpful when starting chemo.



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