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What's Going on?

Hello All- Just had my 9 months check post chemo and i am very worried. My ca125 is normal at about 7.2 and has been since second chemo. My other blood work and physical exam is normal. I have had pretty bad pelvic cramps for the last 3 weeks and shooting pains in neck going up and down to collar bone for the last three months. We don't know what to make of it. My ONC wants a full CT scan of pelvis up to neck. If that clear he wants a colonoscopy and EGD. i am very worried. I know that ca 125 is only for gyn cancers and i am worried it has spread elsewhere. Anyone else experience this? My ONC said the cramps could be scar tissue or adhesion's but why are they starting out of the blue? Any ideas?

thansk you for all the support you have given we over the last year. you guys are the best support system out there.

Xx Carol

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It does take adhesions and scar tissue time to form to the point that it would /could cause you to hurt. I am in the same boat. but nothing shows up on the scan for me. Your CA125 is a great number. It sounds like your ONC is being very pro-active... did you have any of your colon redacted? I have my 9 month post chemo check coming up on the 10th of July and actually feel pretty confident that things are going ok in spite of the adhesions and scar tissue. Best of luck on you testing.


Thank you for your input. I had no colon redaction. What are they doing for your pain? Are they going in to see if scar tissue is causing you a problem?


I see the dr next month and we will see if there is anything that can be done. The lowest my ca125 was 15.5 and it up to 22.9 so we are seeing a very slow but steady increase in my ca125 but the scan is clear. Not sure all scans can pick up scar tissue and adhesions. What was your starting number when you were diagnosed?


I was 107 before surgery, After surgery and first chemo is steadily dropped to the 7's range where it remains. I hope all stays well with you. thanks for the replies.


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