Hi Everyone. Well I'm feeling more like me today ...first time since last Tuesday. Had my first shower proper today!!

Thank you everyone who replied to me when I was in those awful depths of chemo!! Extremely Grateful. You are all so amazing.

My Question is I have my kart chemo on hopefully the 30th May ... just number 5 to get out the way first.

Will I be able to go abroad to Greece ? The holiday is booked for July 17th but have taken an insurance out so IF I'm not able to go we can move it to later in year or even next year. I am stage 4 Terminal but chemo seems to be doing positive things. Ca 125 now 24 ...went up 2 between the 3rd and 4th chemo. Asked Oncologist re holiday but he never answers!!! So I will be 6 weeks or so from last chemo. What do you ladies think? Is it possible or am I being silly.? I am nervous as they gave me 3/6 months 2 years ago...am I on borrowed time and stupid for going abroad? Greece is a bit primitive re medical help. BUT I was so excited to go as we went every single year and I love it. Should I go??? Is it safe?

Thank you everyone . xxxxxxxx❤❤

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  • I went to Spain 4 weeks afterlast chemo oncologists just told me to wear fight socks and take a baby asprin before flying you go girl enjoy the sun I loved every minute of mine and cancer was left at home never even thought about xxx

  • I have always gone away after chemo you have a few weeks should you have a delay in chemo remember you may have a scan after. It would be good if you where encouraged by your oncologist perhaps when you are nearer the end of your chemo he may say ok. I have found that I have always had the green light. So you go for it we have to make the most of any holidays we can squeeze in. Should you not feel well then you don't have too go. Enjoy and have a wonderful time. cheers 🍷🍸Barbara X

  • As the other lovely ladies have said: if you feel well then enjoy your holiday. Wear flight socks, be careful (whatever that means!) and have a wonderful, relaxing time. It doesn't hurt to work out an emergency plan for while you're out there, hopefully you won't need it.

    Bit annoying not to get a reply from your oncologist !


    Clare xx

  • Hi Ricky

    I'd go if your feel ok. Nothing better than sunshine to make you feel better. You'll have had 6 weeks to rebuild some strength so as long as you don't plan any 'dangerous sports' whilst you are away I'd say go for it. p.s. we want to see photos! Kathy xxx

  • I would have been able to travel and enjoy a holiday six weeks after chemo. Unless you're going to a remote part of Greece it's easy to get back to the UK quite quickly. I'd suggest providing you feel well enough, you should go. It will do wonders for your morale.

  • Hi I have asked my oncologist the same question, he said as long as I feel ok and I drink plenty etc there shouldn't be a problem, but as the other ladies have said make sure you have a back up plan

    Happy holidays xx

  • Thank you Ladies I feel more confident about going now. Apart from looking like a Yeti!!!

    Another question regarding sitting in the sunshine.. I'm guessing it's a no? Thank you xxxc

  • I sunbathed wearing factor 50 and I still got a tan ! So a good sunscreen and a hat and you should be fine

    Clare xx

  • Go and have some fun. I was told four weeks after last chemo to fly as blood clot risk reduced. Wear flight socks juggle your feet and party

    LA xx

  • I went on holiday 6 weeks after my chemo and was fine. Just make sure you rest and keep out of the sun. I just sat under the parasol and walked a little. Just take it easy and use a sun hat.

  • Hi Ricky23

    My solution to the unresponsive Onc problem is to ring his secretary...she is well up to speed with patients needing the Onc's ok to go abroad and has twice organised a letter for me to give to the insurance company saying I was good to go! xx

  • I went to Egypt not long after chemo finished as just needed to get away, get some sun and leave my worries behind. Was fine apart from losing bag and phone (chemo brain). Go and have a good time. x

  • As what has been said by others. Go for it and enjoy. Oh and get another holiday booked so you have another in the pipeline to look forward too.


  • I'd definitely go on holiday, it will be nice to travel and holidays are good for us. Flight socks as the other ladies have said and a good sunscreen, (the chemo seems to have had an effect on my skin and I catch the sun really easily now) then sit back and enjoy. It is something to look forward to and a reward for completing your chemo and keeping the disease under control. ❤️Xx Jane

  • If you feel well , then go!, I went to Jordan mid chemo and apart from shotage of breath, I had great time, even rode on a camel! wouldn't have missed it for the world, your ehic card should cover you for any emergency if you have one. enjoy!

    xx Jeanette

  • And if you saved your sexy socks from your operation, you won't even have to buy flight socks! That's money saved that will buy you an ouzo...

  • You go ,and have a lovely time. I love Greece and the lovely people. Enjoy xxxx

  • That's 6 weeks so if you feel you can, go for it. I went to Cork for a Golden wedding last year while on chemo but we took the travelling in stages, staying in the airport hotels before the flight each time.

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