Hi Everyone. Well I'm feeling more like me today ...first time since last Tuesday. Had my first shower proper today!!

Thank you everyone who replied to me when I was in those awful depths of chemo!! Extremely Grateful. You are all so amazing.

My Question is I have my kart chemo on hopefully the 30th May ... just number 5 to get out the way first.

Will I be able to go abroad to Greece ? The holiday is booked for July 17th but have taken an insurance out so IF I'm not able to go we can move it to later in year or even next year. I am stage 4 Terminal but chemo seems to be doing positive things. Ca 125 now 24 ...went up 2 between the 3rd and 4th chemo. Asked Oncologist re holiday but he never answers!!! So I will be 6 weeks or so from last chemo. What do you ladies think? Is it possible or am I being silly.? I am nervous as they gave me 3/6 months 2 years ago...am I on borrowed time and stupid for going abroad? Greece is a bit primitive re medical help. BUT I was so excited to go as we went every single year and I love it. Should I go??? Is it safe?

Thank you everyone . xxxxxxxx❤❤

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  • I went to Spain 4 weeks afterlast chemo oncologists just told me to wear fight socks and take a baby asprin before flying you go girl enjoy the sun I loved every minute of mine and cancer was left at home never even thought about xxx

  • I have always gone away after chemo you have a few weeks should you have a delay in chemo remember you may have a scan after. It would be good if you where encouraged by your oncologist perhaps when you are nearer the end of your chemo he may say ok. I have found that I have always had the green light. So you go for it we have to make the most of any holidays we can squeeze in. Should you not feel well then you don't have too go. Enjoy and have a wonderful time. cheers 🍷🍸Barbara X

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