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What's next?

Hi everyone - my mum has already had 2 courses of chemo following her diagnoses and op nearly 4 years ago now - she has stage 3c ovarian cancer. She only finished her last chemo in May this year and has been on Avastin since then - she was very disappointed when told last week that her CA125 has begun to rise again! I am just trying to support her as best I can but I know she is worrying about what's next and I know she is not strong enough to face chemo again and im not sure even if it would be offered to her - she is 77 and already had carboplatin/taxol and this last time she had Gem/Carbo . any suggestions please - the cancer is in her bowel/intestines now and she has been on a low fibre diet since last December.

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Hello there,

Sorry to hear that your mum is going through so much,I would give the ladies at ovacome a ring as they are very helpful and know so much! Imdo wish u and ur mum all the best. Mxx



Sorry to hear about your mum - I know how hard it must feel. My mum was in a similar position in 2012. By then, she had been diagnosed for 3 years and had had 3 courses of chemo. She was then given tamoxifen, which didn't seem to do anything. At the time she was 77 and the oncologists weren't sure that she would be able to tolerate further chemotherapy. She then started a lose dose of daily tablets of cyclophosphamide, which seemed to help for 16 months and which didn't have any noticeable side effects.

Although it seems that everyone's experience with different lines of treatment is unique, I hope this helps in some way and gives you options you could ask about.

Wishing you and your mum all the best.



Hi there, sorry to hear mums CA125 on the rise. Avastin did not work for me either and I am facing my 3rd line after Christmas. my first two lines we're same as your mum. My next mixture is Caelyx plus carboplatin, I am praying that will give me some relief from chemo.

Wishing your mum well, have a good Christmas and see what the onc says about next steps. Love Irene xxx


I am sorry your Mums 125 is on the rise but you never know, it could come down again, it may be up for another reason. Talk to your gp and her consultant as to what is best for her to do. Maybe they will adopt a wait and see approach for now. I am sure you both needed better news than that coming up to Xmas . But get as much information as possible and as someone else has suggested, a call to the Ovacome Nurse would be helpful to you


Hello Babyoleg, I love Oleg, I am nearly 72 diagnosed Aug.2012 Have just started 3rd round chemo. Finished carbo/gem Sept.13 more surgery May 14 to remove tumour from vagina. I found the last results the hardest to cope with, but here we are making the most of the good days and taking each day and learning from this site how to cope with the bad ones. For me I think while they keep offering there's hope so I will keep trying. Love to you both.


Hello Btte - how absolutely horrible for you - thank you for your words of support - and everyone else who has replied - I find this site very helpful,informative and supportive - although I don;t always tell mum what i read I do tell her any positive information I read - thanks again and good luck with your treatment xxx


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