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my tumor shrank away

In January,2015 I was diagnosed with HER2+ metastatic breast cancer. Although in a month of chemotherapy+immunotherapy my breast tumor disappeared. But I had metastasis in my liver and bones. Treatment with perjeta, herceptin and taxotere worked miracle. But next month I had severe allergy to perjeta so the doctor removed the drug from treatment. For now all my lesions are healing but I have mets in my brain.

Treatment consists of tykerb and femara. The lesions are stable which is good. Having some imbalance when walk otherwise no other issues with the drugs.

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Hi there, I think you need to repost this on the breast cancer forum, this is a forum for ovarian cancer, wishing you the best


hi suzuki, you can repost it. I would love to receive replies or questions. I think i can share my experience and help others to fight.


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