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Hello ladies,

This is just a quick question. I have had two bouts of diarrhoea in the past two weeks. I take 1/2 a laxido twice a week, not sure if this is related. The diarrhoea is almost like a stomach bug but without stomach cramps,so it goes on until my bowel is emptied. My chemo & brachytherapy finished April 2016. As usual the mind is working overtime & wonder what is going on.

Has anyone else had these problems.

Thank you.

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Hi Caleda, I had rt but yes my bowels got loose so what I did was cut out the veggies and brown bread on those days. I would suggest you ring your CNS, or perhaps the Ovacome Helpline. Other than that please speak to your gp

Happens to me often depending on what I eat .

I do find a small amount of aloe Vera in a glass of water , helps a lot x

Caleda4 in reply to capetownval

Thank you for that, I will give it a try. xx

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