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Can diarrhoea be a symptom?

I was diagnosed with stage 1a two years ago and had the usual treatment.

I have been fine ever since but these past weeks/months I have had intermittent diarrhoea. Last night was the third time in 10 days.

It usually only lasts a few hours and then I have abdo discomfort for maybe a day following.

Just wondering if anyone else has had these symptoms and if I should be concerned.

I am not back for a check up till July.


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Hi Tulsa

the symptoms are many and varied as we all know, If you are worried, I would go to your GP or contact your hospital, it may be a bug (theres lots going around) but to be on the safe side I would contact someone who can give you more definate infomation.

hope it gets better soon.



Hi Tulsa

Sorry that you have this issue.

I would get it checked for your piece of mind , give the hospital a call or go to see your GP.

Hope you get sorted soon and enjoy the summer that's coming apparently next week.


Charlie xxx


Hi Tulsa, It could be so many things, it's not necessarily the dreaded OC but I had symptoms of diarrhoea. I was quite far down the line by then. Try going onto the Ovacome homepage, clicking on the left hand side box on BEATovarian cancer with Ovacome option, scroll down to the BEAT symptom tracker. It will give you some evidence for your appointment and help to clarify your mind about the symptoms. There's loads of info on that website. I had loads of symptoms but it took ages for me to get diagnosed. Thankfully, it was in time (I think ;-))

Try to keep busy and not think the worst. You could also ask your GP about having a CA125 blood test, but they are not always accurate indicators in some cases. It may help though.

All the best

Let us know how things are going with you

Love Wendy xx


i had diarrhoeafor weeks before I was diaognosed but I too was far down the line before o.c. was discovered.I was first diaognosed with the symptons are similar.I would get g.p. to check you out to put your mind at ease una x


Thanks girls for the replies.

Of course you are right that I should go to the doctor I guess I am just putting it off. However I have spent a rather uncomfortable weekend again so time to bite the bullet.



Tulsa, do not put it off. Go!

Love Lizzie



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