Age 44 periods a bit irregular last few months - been referred for vaginal ultrasound and had a blood test done - questions

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For a long time Ive had repeated what i thought were cystitis last urine sample appox 6 months ago showed no infection. I was put on antibiotics as told probably lingering cystitis and to see if it cleared. I don't have pain all of the time. I has c sections with both my kids and my scar has led my tummy a bit uneven but i noticed recently while reading a newspaper article a lot of my symptoms sounded like possible ovarian cyst or cancer. I went to the doctor this week she did an internal exam and took a blood test - I should get the blood test result next week. I have been referred for a vaginal ultrasound but have been told it could take up to 6 weeks which i think is a long time especially if its something serious. Ive had my period started today and very bad period pains this morning which have eased with ibuprofen. I definitely think there is slight swelling to my tummy on the right side and asked my hubby to feel and he agrees - do you think it is worth me either phoning gp and trying to get ultrasound brought forward or perhaps getting one done privately. I have 2 kids and a hubby and want to do all i can to ensure i get this looked at asap. Thanks

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  • If you speak with your GP again and he / she agrees to refer you under the new guidelines you should be seen within 2 weeks. If your GP doesn't think you need this referral ask why and maybe ring your hospital when your date comes through to say that you would be happy to accept an earlier date.

    It's good that you are monitoring your symptoms however there are lots of things it could be and many tests that could be needed. So don't worry, I know it's easier said than done but you have to try and stay positive.

    Keep logging and monitoring in the meantime

    Clare xx

  • Thank you. I have been referrred for vaginal ultrasound and blood test done. I've been told up to 6 weeks for ultrasound appointment though. I should have blood test results by next Thursday - 6 weeks seems a long time to waiting for ultrasound - just fingers crossed it comes through sooner. I don't have pain all of the time just sometimes but there is definitely a small swelling on the right side of my abdomen.

  • Hi lovely,

    I would ask if they did a CA125 blood test too as that can indicate OC but can also indicate other things xx

  • Thanks I wasn't told what blood test was testing for she just took bloods there and then. I'm presuming it includes ca125 though. Just hoping the ultrasound will be quicker than 6 weeks. I've been told blood test back in a week so I'll phone Thursday and take it from there - going to be a long week!

  • If you aren't satisfied with the answers you get from your doctor find another doctor. I spent over 2 1/2 yrs going to different doctors and they knew I had a cyst on my ovary. They just watched it grow larger. After trying about 5 different doctors I finally found one that said it needed to come out. The cyst... that all the others said was nothing to worry about, wasn't benign. It was a serous borderline tumor that was all in the ovary, & fallopian tube on the left side. I had to undergo a second surgery two months later to remove the rest of my female organs because of the SBT. It had spread to the omentum. The serous borderline cells are all through the omentum as well as through out the abdomen. I'm seeing an oncologist for the rest of my life now for labs and scans to make sure it doesn't progress any further. I feel like if they had taken my ovaries out when I first went to a doctor it might not have spread. Keep searching until you get answers.

  • CJ, I think the original poster is in the UK & suspect you are not? Clare's advice is spot on- there are ways of seeing if the scan can be arranged for sooner. GP is acting on the concerns.

    I understand your passion given what happened to you. best wishes Sx

  • If the swelling is new, then I think worth ringing the surgery. Depending on their system, you could ask to speak to the GP on the phone and explain you have this new symptom and see if they need to re-examine?

    I saw my Gyny consultant as a private patient and also had the scan done privately to speed up the process and to have time with the head of the team. We were starting IVF rather than being especially concerned about OvCa. As things transpired, they were the best few hundred pounds spent! I had though had bloods done by GP and seen a registrar through 2WW NHS protocol.

    best wishes, Sx

  • I got the blood test result and it's all clear - quicker than I expected I've been told to wait for the scan appointment now. My abdomen has been uneven since 2 c sections so hard to say if the swelling is new.

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