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Septated ovarian cyst


Hello everyone !! Very frightened and bewildered. I had a trans vag ultrasound 2 weeks ago. Saw GP yesterday . I have a small under 5 cm ovarian cyst with a septum ?...don't understand what that means. I'm 52 and last period was 18 months ago. I've had lots UTI type problems for a year now. Treated for vaginally atrophy . Had gall bladder out last October.

Anyway I'm being referred to gynae and GP took blood test yesterday for what I presume was C125 and kidney function. I was bit stunned and didn't ask enough questions.

So how worried should I be. I have no bloating or pain ,bleeding or fatigue just constant cystitis type discomfort. I've been using vagifem for 5 or 6 months . I've had massively stressful year and pretty much at end of my tether.

I'm single , 3 adult daughters who i dont want to worry until i know more. Live alone ......feel utterly isolated by this!! Usually very strong and calm but this has floored me.

Help !!

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Hello Pennypop,

I am very sorry you are so stressed out and I don't blame you! I can't speak to septated cyst as mine was complex but not septated but the reason I am responding to you is to say please try not to worry! More often than not these things are not bad and we work ourselves into a state for no reason!

I know it's easier said than done as I remember the waiting between tests and doctors appointments and it's very difficult!

I am sure someone on this forum will be able to help there is an awful lot of experience and wisdom here so keep checking in!

Try not to worry too much, give the ovacome helpline a ring and hopefully it will be only a matter of a short while before its sorted!

Sorry I couldn't enlightening you further! !!

Mind yourself!


pennypop in reply to HogwartsDK

Thank you so much for reply . Been such a terrible 12 months I'm not coping well with this latest crisis . I'm usually calm but on edge of screaming hysteria. Heyho it will pass!!

I had a septated ovarian cyst too, though mine had multiple thick septations and was much bigger than yours. A septated cyst is just one that is divided into more than one section by internal solid walls. Unfortunately this can be a sign of malignancy, but it isn't always. Your GP and the gynaecologist you see will take the details of the scan and the result of the CA125 test into consideration along with your age and menstrual status when telling you what the likelihood is that it's malignant.

Before I received the CA125 result my GP told me there was about a 50% likelihood mine was malignant. When the CA125 came back raised (at 64, which is not super high), the gynaecological oncologist to whom I had been referred said that there was still only a 75% chance that it was malignant. I was 58 at the time, and like you was about 18 months into menopause. Unfortunately for me, mine was malignant, but you can see from what they told me that not all such cysts are. Here's hoping that yours won't be!


Hoping yours will be one of the better ones though presumably you'll need an op anyway. The waiting for results and decisions is so so heard.

Hi Pennypop,

The hardest thing is waiting for results,but there is a good chance that you are worrying needlessly.

I know it's difficult, but there's no point worrying about what may not happen,maybe over the weekend do something nice for yourself,a long walk,soak in the bath with candles, whatever floats your boat.Concentrate on you and not use your energy up on other things.

If you don't want to talk to your daughters yet,why not ring the helpline and ask all the questions you wish you had asked your doctor.

Failing that, have you a close friend to confide in,I'm lucky I have and she has been a godsend (thank you Gloria).

We are always here if you need us,but in the meantime,I wish you all the best wishes

Carole xx

Hi there, I also hope that you are worrying uncessarily. Do check back with your gp for the test results as he should have them within a week. The gynaes never can say until they have taken biopsies of the tissue and get the results back. I didnt have the same kind of cyst but I know a lot about worry. Sometimes things go wrong for us time after time and being ill is the last thing to want to hear. Try and do something nice for yourself such as a treat or a walk near a wood or stream or any quite area, You will be surprised how calming you may find it. Try not to focus too much on the ifs for the present.

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