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Mum back in hospital with Bowel obstruction

So 5 weeks after a full hysterectomy and debulking my lovely Mum has been taken back into hospital as she was being sick on Saturday night. They say it is a slight bowel obstruction so we are now waiting for them to decide whether or not to operate at the moment they say we are monitoring it. Has anyone else been through this so close after surgery. Mum's very emotional as she thinks she has taken a back step and wont get better x

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Really sorry to hear your Mum isn't feeling great after her op...can't give you any advice I'm afraid but I am sure someone will be able to offer a perspective xx


Hello there, I can't offer any advice about that as my mum didn't have a bowel obstruction after surgery but I'm pretty sure a few ladies on here have experienced that after surgery. From my limited understanding, during surgery, the surgeon handles the bowels to look for evidence of disease and what I was told is that the bowels really don't like being touched so this happening so soon after surgery must be a normal thing.

Sorry I can't be a help but give this post a bit of time and people will reply to it. I know it's an emotional time for your mum and you must be struggling too so I'm sending a big hug x stay strong xx

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Bowels don't like being manhandled. Slight obstructions are quite common. There area whole range of reasons for us getting them.....I did end up with surgery for one which turned out to be due to surgical adhesions preventing the bowel working, but there was a woman in there on nil by mouth trying to getting it going naturally and after 3 weeks it did. I'd be surprised if they rushed into another op on your mum so soon, but keeping her under observation has got to be good.

Most hospitals don't seem very good on the dietary advice to try to avoid such things or what to do if you think one is coming on.... but I think there are some women on here with good lists.

Best wishes to you both.

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Hi there Emma ..

I'm sorry to hear about your mum.

I've had a number of them with one being close to surgery.

The normal procedure like Mac says is 'nil by mouth'. This allows the swelling to reduce and by resting the bowel it sometimes unravels itself. It's always resolved itself for me when it's happened. It won't necessarily occur again.


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hi. I had radical hysterectomy a few years ago since then I've had two bowel surgery s.I had scare tissue.obstruction with a twist.. I felt a lot better after the surgery. hope your mum feels better soon.



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