Out the other side!

So 2 days after surgery - sitting in the chair rather than bed. It was adhesions causing the blockage - no visible disease and no stoma - what a relief. Thank you for all of your good wishes. Still in the critical care ward but feeeling much better today. Yesterday was excruciating as they had to stop the epidural because I couldn't move my legs but pain is under control now with one of those buzzer things you press. Ironically the most uncomfortable feeling I have now is an urge to do a poo but obviously there's nothing there!!!

Feeling quite odd because the person in the bed next to me has just died - I've never heard the last rites being said before. It's just made me realise how incredibly lucky I am. Anyway, I don't want to end this on a downer, it was just a very strange and sad experience. It just goes to show again how we need to be grateful for everything that we get through.

Lots of love and best wishes

Becky x

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  • Hi Becky. I am so glad that you are doing ok and that the op went well. Wishing you a speedy recovery, but take it easy. You'll hopefully soon be home and can recover in your own surroundings. Take care, Kathy xx

  • So glad you're better. I'm on first day back at work so better stop here. Sorry to hear sad day on ward. I'm sure everyone here honours her in spirit. Get well asap xxx

  • Great to hear your good news. Take care and best wishes x

  • Good to hear your feeling better and hope your home soon.



  • Well done Becky! So glad you have come through with flying colours xxx

  • Good news and so pleased no complications . Wishing you a speedy recovery and hope you get home soon . Yes life is so precious and we realise more than most that you have to make the most of every day . Love Kim x

  • Hi Becky, Was thrilled for you to hear they have sorted the problem out those pesky adhesions and that you have come through the op alrightGreat that they have sorted the PAIN relief out.So it's a case of getting your strength back allowing the body to heal a while and hopefully in a few days you will be homeward bound and be able to be with your wonderful children Chris

  • So pleased for you. I can imagine your relief at finding no stoma and no disease. Pity the epidural had to be stopped but glad you've got the pain under control.

    I've never heard the last rites either, other than the kind of whispering done in films. Was it in Latin? I'm sure you did feel sad as well as thinking it was a strange experience but it does bring it home to us how lucky we are to get through everything.

    All the best and hopefully you will get home very soon (not before time).

  • Onwards and upwards! Wishing you a very steady recovery! I am now 33 days post surgery and today completes a 4K walk..... With lots of rests!!

    Baby steps and remember no 2 days are the same for a while.

    Cyber hugs! X

  • Great news Becky!

    Hope your recovery is quick and complete!!!

    Mind yourself!


  • Wonderful news for you!!!! I have had bowel obstructions almost yearly for almost 10 years - all from adhesions. Fortunately, so far, I have always been able to be put on IV fluids and nothing by month and wait it out...did a lot of walking of hospital halls waiting for things to start moving again.

    I'm so sorry that the other person died. I hope it was a peaceful passing. I agree when something like that happens, it helps us to realize how grateful we should be.

    Sending you lots of wishes for a speedy recover.


  • Hi Becky, what a relief for you, I'm so pleased you've got good results. The morphine buzzer is rather good isn't it? I had one for a few days when I had my op, total godsend.

    Take lots of care and hopefully you'll soon be home and recovering in more familiar peaceful surroundings. Big gentle hugs & love ❤️ xx Jane

  • Good to hear this Becky. Now concentrate on healing and getting the hell out of there

    Marian xx

  • Wishing you a speedy recovery,


  • Lovely news about the results! Wishing you a speedy recovery. Xx

  • Great news... I suspect the urge shows it's all working properly now and exercising ready for action!

  • So pleased to hear this, hope you recover quickly and you are soon out of hospital! Xx

  • Hopefully you've been seen by the Hospital nutritionist? Forgive me if we've already had this 'discussion ' I'm feeling nauseous post weekly Taxol 2, I am on cyclizine which is the only thing that helps and I am foggy headed!

    I've been on a low residue/low fibre diet since my recurrence was confirmed in late January,daily sodium dcusate ( from 2 to 5) plus daily steroids for bowel thickening etc and Laxido as required.

    So far that's working although it's a hairy time monitoring as you'll know.

    If you haven't yet had eating advice please ask asap.

    Clare xx

  • Becky pleased to hear you are doing ok, and that the beast hasn't reared its ugly head.

    Hugs Ellsey xx

  • So pleased that you are now on the mend. Just remember to do as your told, no running before you can walk. Big hugs. Ann x

  • Hi Becky,

    So please you are feeling a lot better hope you are home soon .

    Best wishes Lorraine xx

  • Wish you a speedy recovery and take it steady mary xx

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