Inflammatory bowel disease, the Wife has suffered this awful disease for more than 2 years , she has had an ileostomy first to rest the affected area, then another op. to remove 6" long peice of large colon plus the gall bladder.

She went from nearly 10 stone to 6 during the illness, but with plenty of tlc, she has gone back up to just under 9 stone. She recently had surgery for a anal vaginal fistula, which has knocked her back a bit,, she is 68, I, her husband of 52 years (72), have became her carer, and am determined to get her through this .

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  • Hello Edwintweet

    I'm sorry to hear that you and your wife have had such a difficult couple of years. The MyOvacome forum is for people affected by ovarian cancer, so you might find the following different forums on HealthUnlocked are more helpful for you:

    Bowel Disease One Global Family healthunlocked.com/bdogf

    The IBS Network healthunlocked.com/theibsne... (although your wife doesn't have IBS there may be some helpful information for you on the forum)

    Also you might want to look at the Care for Life forum, which offers support for carers healthunlocked.com/careforlife

    I hope this is helpful.

    Best wishes


    Support Service Manager

  • Thank you so much

  • Sending big hugs and love and hope you get some answers from the applicable healthunlocked forums. ❤xx Jane

  • Thank you Jane so very much. ❤️🌹

  • Edwin- your wife is lucky to have such a caring husband. Best to you and your wife.

  • Well, she has looked after me for fifty years so what I do now is done with a good heart and it's a pleasure to help her.

    I thank you for your kind words 😀

  • Edwin, This group of people, whom I shall likely never meet in person, has helped me to get through very tough times. My darling husband is the one who kept me going when nothing else could. I am now NED 7 months and giving my hubby a much needed rest! Remember to set aside some time to care for yourself! Love to you both, Tesla in Seattle

  • Thank you for your contact, it's a shame my Wife can't use the computer herself and talk to people her self but I don't mind atall to do it on her behalf , she is the best person Ive ever known with no exceptions and will do whatever it takes to help ❤️😀

  • Hi Edwin, there is also another forum on here Crohn's and colitis forum. I myself have Crohn's disease. I have a colostomy bag. Terrible disease for those suffering from it and those having to help the person who has it. It's a lot of stress at times I know. I'm glad to hear your wife has managed to put some of the lost weight back on. You obviously are looking after her well. I hope you are managing to look after yourself too.

  • Hi Angep,

    Thank you for contacting me , I am coping okay, it could be the other way round so just keep doing what's needed. ❤️

  • Your wife sounds lovely Edwin, you're lucky to have each other.its so good you can ask questions for her. I hope she continues to get stronger as time goes on😁if ever I can help in anyway please just ask.

  • Thank you God bless ❤️

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